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Native Instruments Just Got A $59 Million Investment: What Next?

While the DJ community continues to watch Native Instruments with a simplistic “when will we see Traktor Pro 4?” lens, the Berlin-based company has been busy raising cash. They’ve received a massive investment of $59,000,000 from EMH, a private equity firm. Keep reading for the details.

EMH’s Native Instruments Investment

As reported on Crunchbase, Native Instruments raised €50 million (~$59 million) from EMH, a private equity firm “providing growth capital for technology-enabled companies”. EMH did this under their Digital Growth Fund – which is “dedicated to the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe” according to, “Native Instruments marks the fund’s first investment in a music technology company.”

This might feel familiar to previous massive business moves in the industry. Top of mind is when Pioneer sold their DJ division to investment firm KKR for $550 million. In the years following, we’ve seen Pioneer DJ start churning out non-stop product updates to all of their lines with a focus on maximizing return on investment. It’s not hard to imagine

What Problems Could $59m Solve?

“Native Instruments will continue to improve upon several of its existing products aimed at innovating around the DJ-producer experience, including the popular DJing software Traktor and the Stems technology, which breaks tracks into its component parts for live remixing.” – Billboard

Fifty million dollars is a lot of cash – but when receiving such a large sum from an investment firm, there’s often a very clear plan for how that investment will pay out. Native Instruments’ leadership would have been expected to present a number of profitable solutions to problems that a large financial investment could solve for the company.

Here’s a few totally speculative high level problems that I can easily imagine being on their shortlist:

  • Unstick slow development in the DJ division. While Stems were an interesting new workflow, Traktor has felt mostly abandoned in recent years, with only occasional updates that feel like maintenance instead of innovation and modernization.
  • Bridging the gap between production and live performance workflows. NI started to do this with Stems, but there could be a new hardware/software workflow that would actually change how electronic musicians perform. For example, instead of requiring DJs to buy all new Stems content, what if Traktor had a built-in tool for creating Stems from normal tracks using machine learning?
  • Designing, prototyping, and bringing to market a standalone (with Traktor DJ built-in) Kontrol lineup. Native Instruments’ biggest success in the DJ world was the original Kontrol S4. Could you imagine a standalone S4, and how popular it might be? What about standalone versions of every Kontrol product?
  • Actually toppling Pioneer DJ’s stranglehold. The Japan-based industry giant still has a firm grasp on the DJ industry with their players, mixers, and controllers. While Denon DJ and other InMusic companies have submitted their own challengers to the ring, sales numbers that we’ve seen don’t seem to show a massive shift in what gear people are buying. Like Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments has the complete ecosystem (solid, tested software with highly integrated hardware). What if they designed their own CDJ or DDJ killers?

There does seem to be a big focus on the future of music creation, not curation, in the language around the investment. We suspect this is because, historically, music production appears to have been the biggest money-maker for NI. Check out this quote from their CTO:

“We believe music creation products and services should be integrated in a more appealing, intuitive and cohesive way. We foresee an easily accessible music creation ecosystem that connects user centric design, with powerful technology and data, to further enable the music creators of today, and welcome the new creators of tomorrow.” – Mate Galic, CTO and President of Native Instruments

Hiring Talent: The First Step

One thing is very clear from the coverage of this financial transaction: Native Instruments wants to first focus on getting the right people employed in their offices to take on the challenges.

If you’ve watched the company’s Careers page over the last year, it’s seemed that there’s a gap in leadership on the DJ side of the company. They continue to look for a Director Of DJ Products – someone to create and drive software/hardware visions forward.

“Native Instruments will be focused on recruiting tech talent in Berlin, Los Angeles and London in the coming year. The company has made a handful of key hires in Berlin and Los Angeles over the last 12 months — including the acquisition of remix monetization startup MetaPop, whose former CEO Matthew Adell now serves as Native Instruments’ chief digital officer.”- Billboard

Chime in! What do you think Native Instruments should/will do with their massive cash influx? Let us know in the comments below.
  • bruhbruh21

    If Traktor doesn’t start addressing the concerns of DJ’s using their products, then I’m going to be switching to Serato… seems like Native Instruments no longer really cares about DJing, more so production.

  • Scott Djsee Washington

    A maschine deck in traktor, stem creator within traktor, and the ability to play videos in traktor. Maybe a traktor controller with larger wheels on it.

  • Grantham

    To me it’s a tale of two very different Native Instruments, 10 years ago they were pioneers, constant new products and substantial upgrades. Up to the recent Maschine and Komplete Kontrol things are so slow to release there and the majority of announcements are around sample pack or stem releases. You have to look at companies like Novation, Korg, Elektron now to see real and constant innovation. I hope the capital is used wisely, I can’t imagine any entity would hand over that much money without a solid strategic plan that includes more than ‘Maschine Mk4’ so maybe there’s great things brewing.

  • DJ D-One

    slow development in the DJ division? The Maschine division is way slower

    • Not in terms of hardrware. This past year has seen MK3 and Jam launches…

  • Soph

    Does anybody know the ticker for this fund?

  • Ztronical

    I say don’t bother linking Maschine.
    Instead add more Maschine type features to Traktor.
    Remix Decks have ADSR.
    Add all the effects and basic control.

    Also have some testing done and make some set modes that utilize anything new they decide to add.
    I bet if the developers spent time testing and adding effects and options to suit a specific style or use, then added these as modes, they (NI) would find some new ideas and creative ways to make Traktor easy to use and full of more useful features.
    Just needs to be a little more flexible!

  • Dupon

    2 Things:
    Give us the Kontrol s4 mk3 with dual screens like those found on the s5 but with touch screen functionality so you can search for a song directly instead of having to browse for it. Then you could really put away the laptop.
    And give us the 8-pad layout found on the s5 but make ’em mpc style pads like those found on the numark ns7III so we can finger drum those slices quickly instead of being forced/limited to clicking on them with the s5

    • gigglekey

      Touch screens are great, except they stop working when you’re sweaty

  • Elmex94

    This is all going into funding their newest feature!….SYNC 2.0!

  • weslk

    I really hope they will focus on updating Traktor. Their music production division has gotten a lot of attention lately.

  • Tony Mitchell

    Two words “Jog Wheels”. NI wouldn’t have needed any investment capital if they hadn’t abandoned jogwheels for their latest controllers. The second I saw the S5 without jog wheels I knew that NI was done.

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  • couic

    one word : standalone

    actually 2 words : standalone and portable.

  • nick

    Definitely a stand alone Maschine would be nice

  • Barry

    I’ve been with NI since 2003 I and there is a pattern that repeats.. my guess is that half will go to marketing and branding.. and the other half to development.. problem is that marketing will dictate development .. but that’s not their fault.. it’s just the world we live in and the fact that demand dictates supply…

  • jack cruz

    This is all going into funding their newest feature!….SYNC 2.0!

  • jordan griffin

    Definitely a stand alone Maschine would be nice

  • Digital DJ

    This is awesome news… But traktor lost me a long time ago. I’m sticking with Rekordbox.

    • CUSP

      Well, hopefully NI will invest their money wisely and do things that bring you back.

  • Joseph Mazigo

    traktor + video +stem for DMX + stems

  • Miguel Mercedez

    what they need to create is mp5 a version of a none compress format of mp3.

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  • Nathan Ruisch

    • Traktor Pro 3 (need to be NI’s version of Rekordbox for some new NI standalone players)• Standalone Media Players (something like the deck section of the Kontrol S5 but with a USB stick)• 2 & 4 channel mixers with Traktor + DVS built into it (Think Thud Rumble’s Intel-powered DJ mixer)• DVS Support for Traktor DJ for IOS (DJPlayer can do it, jus saying)• Maschine as a DAW

    • sfmzg

      @spacecamp:disqus I thought you got rid of these bots that repeat other older posts?

      • When I catch them or they are flagged, I ban them. But they continue to come at us in full force. I’ve asked Disqus to help identify the problem but no luck so far.

        • Another update here: a ton of them are now banned. We should have way fewer issues in the future.

  • alevand

    I Would like to see:
    – a new Battle Mixer (Z2 MK2?).
    – a new Digital Turntable like the new Rane without stupid Arm.
    – a new Traktor Pro (4?) with features we require from years in their Forum.
    – a new iOS App for Traktor (solid, without crash).

    • CUSP

      We’re currently at Traktor Pro 2.x, do you want them to skip a whole number?

      • alevand

        ops, u right!

  • Duzzydas

    I’ve been with NI since 2003 I and there is a pattern that repeats.. my guess is that half will go to marketing and branding.. and the other half to development.. problem is that marketing will dictate development .. but that’s not their fault.. it’s just the world we live in and the fact that demand dictates supply…

    • Daniel Hartmann

      if that would be true, why are companies like pioneer, serato or NI not listening to the suggested improvements that users demand for in the companies forums?

      For example, I followed a threat in the serato forum where users are demanding for a midi clock for years and years, nothing happened till today. Yes, they added Ableton link to serato, but that was not what the users wanted to see (

      Same with Pioneer Forum, where I was banished for asking questions about the DJM 2000 Nexus compatibility with the new rekordbox dj dvs feature 🙂

      IMO, companies have to stick much more closely with the demands of the users, especially if the demands are cumulated so that many users are asking for the same features.

      • Dubby Labby

        Roadmap. Implementing Link is more futureproof than midi clock (and better syncro technology ATM) meanwhile they could sell dj808 as midi clock hub (being the clock drove by step sequencer mainly so hardware based instead software jitter dependency). It’s better idea than just add midi clock but points towards worst issue with software development lately… the apple-ization aka “we think for you without your opinion”. Then users feel themselves alone and brands make forums useless. Apple doesn’t need to discuss their decissions with users, it has the balls to release when it wants. Pioneer was more or less the “apple dj hardware” and NI the “apple dj software”. They broke partnershipping and Pioneer gone “full bet”, NI bet “Future of Sound” and maybe was to early or too late (due to finantial crisis where people usually gets in the safe side f the river). Booth keep the apple-ization being more secret than ever and releasing without ironing bugs or jumping into third party.
        Few examples:
        ToRaiz announced before true release and without full OS finished.
        Djs1000 announced before sample editor full developed.
        Maschine Jam and song mode.
        Traktor/Maschine integration of Ableton link (aka the Bridge for NI)
        Serato/Traktor X.9v into X.9.1v instead 2.0v or 3.0v

        Roadmap. Money can help but market (as reality reflection) moves with speed and direction. Some brands can ride the wave and get buried in time (R.I.P Vestax, Syncroscience, old Rane, old Akai…). Some reborn from ashes (or get absorved by bigger) but most of the time make them lost identity and fresh innovation.

        Note: add midi clock to Serato on the cheap is possible with some degree of diy. As I pointed in the Serato forums before left it, with a modded korg volca (with midi output) and using the korg syncro (wist?) tone from synced sample player you can obtain the dj808 workflow. Another pointed solution (lately in that thread) points to use the iOS app midi sync link and similar and probably someone has or can get a simple Raspi/teensy 3 project with Alink to midi clock. Being similar but not 1 to 1 protocols these aren’t perfect midi clock from turntable but due some lacks from midi protocol itself maybe users will not be satisfied and probably this fact brung Serato into the Apple-ization of “You need Ableton link, not midi clock”

        Sorry for the long post and I hope it helps someone.

  • kris

    stand alone dj hardware… new stand alone Z2 mk2 with a stand alone z4 channel mk1 with lcd screens like the machine mk3 and studio

  • CUSP

    I truly hope Native Instruments gets on with bridging Maschine and Traktor. The community has been begging for this for a long time (more than 5 years).

    If Native Instruments wants to grow their STEMS project, they really need to put more effort into helping the users understand, integrate, and create with it. My assumption is that most users don’t know how to integrate STEMS, and that’s been what’s slowing down growth. Perhaps what’s called for is something between live production and DJing?

    Also, if STEMS is to be to DJs what iTunes is to music buyers, NI really needs to find a much better way of acquiring content, and motivating users to use said content. Last I checked, there aren’t a lot of club hits available as STEMS, and that has to hurt productivity.

    Hopefully, this 50M pound investment is scheduled to a TEE regarding development, marketing, and content acquisition, otherwise… what’s the point?

    Native Instruments can no longer use the excuse “We don’t have the money to develop these features”, so now it comes down to how the money is employed.

    • gigglekey

      Maschine would be fine working along side Traktor now, if only it had looping controls with more fidelity. You can loop on a whole scene, which is fine, but I’d like to be able to instantly trigger an 8 or 16 beat loop.

      “Maschine as a deck” is a neat idea. They can both be used together now, as long as you have an external mixer and 2 audio interfaces. But being able to shrink that down so I just need an Audio10, laptop, maschine controller, and traktor controls, would let more DJs use it playing out.

  • gigglekey

    I really hope they don’t build a DAW. We really, really don’t need another one. I’m not sure what else “an easily accessible music ecosystem” would mean specifically.

    • Anthony Alonso

      They already have a performance DAW (Maschine), it would just be an expansion (no pun intended) of what is already available.

      • Oddie O’Phyle

        Technically Maschine isn’t a DAW, it doesn’t allow for automation. Therefore it is classified as patterning software.

        • shaboogen

          Maschine has automation, it’s just worse than most other implementations of it.

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            My mistake, forgot about CC messages in 2.6. I still don’t consider it a full fledged DAW though, I feel that it’s more like a groovebox/sequencer than software intended for audio editing.

          • CUSP

            … and live performance.

        • Martin Wilson

          I don’t produce, so I’m kind of clueless. When you say automation, do you mean the ability to dynamically control parameters of effects/eqs/etc in the same way as an LFO would do (but with more complex patterns of control)? Or is there more to it?

          • Oddie O’Phyle

            My bad, forgot about the 2.6 update. I generally host Maschine in Live and use CC messages from Live to my SH-201, MIDI modded Monotribe and Groovebox.

          • CUSP

            That’s the general idea. Automation can be as simple as “when this happens (typically a placed trigger in the timeline), this other thing happens”, but it can be a lot more than that.

  • Ash C

    • Traktor Pro 3 (need to be NI’s version of Rekordbox for some new NI standalone players)
    • Standalone Media Players (something like the deck section of the Kontrol S5 but with a USB stick)
    • 2 & 4 channel mixers with Traktor + DVS built into it (Think Thud Rumble’s Intel-powered DJ mixer)
    • DVS Support for Traktor DJ for IOS (DJPlayer can do it, jus saying)
    • Maschine as a DAW

    • Dubby Labby

      Like it but I feel NI has the opposite roadmap x6

  • Deksel

    The lack of attention for Traktor makes me wonder if they’ll update it at all. Maybe they’ll create a new hybrid type of software that combines DAW and DJ elements as a Maschine/Traktor Mashup.
    Don’t think I’d embrace the idea easily, tho…

    • I think this is acually a bit likely. they seem interested in building a “production ecosystem” which could be in the form of a DAW. with traktor having a ableton-like interface in the remix decks maybe they could merge music performance and music creation, hopefully in a more DJ-like way than ableton does. It’d probably take a few major releases headed in that direction before a full merging of those product lines could happen but it’s definitely something they might be interested in

      • Avion James

        That’s not happening.

  • The guy

    This money is definitely tranched, meaning it’s tied to specific milestones, such as revenue, product releases, or other measurable metrics. They will also likely be receiving additional advice now, be it from a new member in the BoD, a board observer, or even just an advisor. They could also expand the business via leverage now if they would want, by taking out additional debt.

  • Dubby Labby

    Killroy was here (once again)

  • Anthony Alonso

    The three things I would love to see:
    HID support for all Pioneer DJ Players
    Traktor Certification for all Pioneer mixers (I miss deejaying on traktor)
    Turning Mashine into a full fledged DAW.

    • HID support for Pioneer players involves getting Pioneer DJ to play ball – who, at hearing that they have millions of dollars, will probably nicely say “sure, we can make that happen…. for a price”

      • Anthony Alonso

        …Exactly. They now have the money to throw at pioneer so they can get their software back into booths everywhere. Aside from those that are into advanced mapping, there is currently no incentive to go with Traktor over Rekordbox DJ or even Serato for that matter.

  • This is all going into funding their newest feature!….

    SYNC 2.0!

    • Dubby Labby

      It’s calld Ableton Link and it’s actually implemented…

  • sfmzg

    Looks like that drunken monkey in the basement that was solely responsible for Traktor development will finally get a salary raise.

    Please, NI: buy a decent pitch algorithm (like the Pitch’n’Time, Elasique v3,..), implement elastic beatgrids and stop limiting third party controllers.

    • What 3rd party controllers have you found are limited with Traktor? Most things in the software are mappable these days.

      • Tom Danial

        not extensively tested but have noticed a lagged response on jog wheels that are not made by NI.

        • sfmzg

          Tom, just Ignore Dan, he’s trying to click-bait us into commenting on the article (shame shame). Beside the jogwheel response, several other things are excluded from output via midi.

          • Hardly click-baiting, just curious. Jog wheels have always had issues in Traktor Pro (remember how DJTT actually made our own firmware for the VCI-100 to improve the jogwheel performance?) I’m genuinely curious what else you’ve found to be intentionally limited.

            Edit: here’s the post about the firmware that i noted, perhaps interesting from a historical perspective:

          • nem0nic

            Hey, maybe I can jump in here. First of all, NI DOES USE Zplane’s Elastique (according to Zplane’s own website), as well as several of their other products. Traktor is also hardly alone in it’s lack of “elastic” beatgrids, although it would be nice to have the ability to set multiple anchors (like the Rekordbox implementation).

            The “problem” with Traktor’s platter support is that there’s no messaging standard (from any manufacturer) for platter messaging. But I can only think of one DJ software other than Traktor that has anything approaching the flexibility and control offered by Traktor when it comes to platter messaging (the other being VDJ). For that matter, the fact that Traktor allows for platter messaging AT ALL makes it considerably better in my mind than many of the other major players on the market.

            If you want to talk about excluding features from MIDI mapping, try to specify the last byte of an output message in Rekordbox so you can access a specific state for an LED. What are your options like for mapping a platter in Serato DJ or Rekordbox? Both of those programs have a TON of buried functionality. What’s worse, on the features they DO make available, you’re limited in how you can map to them. Try making a “superknob” in Rekordbox for example.

            I’m not saying Traktor is perfect. Parts of Traktor are a complete mess. And NI have made some decisions regarding mapping that I can’t begin to understand. For instance, if you want to map a controller like a Xone K2 to control a Remix Deck, you have to rebuild the logic that is already in Traktor by using up your modifiers. That makes no sense to me at all. But it makes less sense to me for a software I PAID FULL PRICE FOR to not allow me to access anything but file prep unless I also buy and connect approved hardware (Serato), or to limit how I use MIDI (Pioneer), or not offer a sensitivity adjustment for encoders (Ableton).

            So, if you want to have an informed and factual discussion about what Traktor (or any other DJ software) can or can’t do, I’m up for that. But get your facts straight.

          • sfmzg

            1.) Traktor uses the older Elastique, I purposely mentioned v3 version
            2.) Fact is Traktor has laggy jogweel support, no midi out for track position to enable rotating leds around platter and several other midi cons that you also mentioned.

            You know very well why other softwares are even behind Traktor (age, licencing, etc) so I have no idea why are you comparing them? It’s like saying “Look, this car is crap – but my neighbour has a even worse so it’s all good.”

            Read again: Traktor limits third party controller supprt via midi to force users (that paid full price) to buy it’s own hardware. That’s a fact and that was the purpose of my post.

          • Anthony Alonso

            I would love to see midi output for track position as well as midi input for needle drop.

          • sfmzg

            Oh, reverse playback! It still fracking blows my mind that Traktor, even through all these years still hasn’t implemented reverse playback (of course, that can be activated by midi) other than by using timecode.

          • Stewe

            Add Out>Deck Common>Seek Position.

          • nem0nic

            I’m not sure how you can know what version of Elastique NI is licensing. I’m currently working with Zplane using several of their products, so I would be very interested in knowing how you can be so sure. Same goes for the platter lag. What is your testing process? Exactly how much lag was there? I’m genuinely curious.

          • sfmzg

            nem0nic, don’t be a jackass. You haven’t disproved any of my statements so either correct your previous posts or go away.
            I will state again:
            1.) Traktor has sub-par pitch algorithm (compared to serato’s pitch’n’time, elastique v3)
            2.) is intentionaly lacking certain midi out commands in order to force users to use HID/NI hardware
            3.) lacks certain features that the competition introduced (I mentioned elastic beatgrids for example)

          • nem0nic

            I wasn’t aware that disagreeing with you and asking you where / how you’re getting your information makes me a jackass. I’m in a position to possibly know a little more than you know regarding this and other information related to the DJ products industry, and your opinion (which you’re stating as fact) sounds more than a little misinformed. So I question the validity of your opinion. If what you are saying is actually fact, you should be able to tell me how and where you got your information.

            As far as “forcing” users to buy NI hardware, I think my prior point bears mentioning again. You seem to be angry because Traktor doesn’t make it easy to accommodate 3rd party controllers as well as you’d like it to. But if you want to use a 3rd party controller, your options really are only Traktor or VDJ, because other available software locks down their MIDI support to a much greater degree. Don’t like Traktor, then use VDJ (the most open of all of the major DJ software packages). Want to try and get NI to understand that these features are important to you, then frame your comments in that way. But understand this…


          • sfmzg

            I know very well about your position in the industry and history with Behringer. That’s why questioning the validity of the facts I stated (and are common knowledge as you can see here from other comments) would make you a jackass.

            If what what I am stating is not facts, YOU should have no problem proving that. With facts. All you seem to post are questions.

            You seem to be a little upset because you know people behind Traktor and think Im overly critical of them.

          • nem0nic

            “If I want to use 3rd party controllers my options are also Cross and Mixxx, you seem to forgot about them.”
            I work with Mixvibes regularly and have been friends with one of the Mixxx developers for years. No, I did not forget about them.

            “Considering you work with Zplane, you can always ask them what version of Elastique Traktor 2 uses. I know it’s not v3.”
            And again, my questions to you is HOW do you “know” what version NI is using. Because I’m pretty sure you have no clue.

            “If what what I am stating is not facts, YOU should have no problem proving that. ”
            it’s not on me to prove your fiction is fact. I know enough to know you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re going to present your opinion as fact, then stop trying to dodge my questions and answer me.

            “You seem to be a little upset because you know people behind Traktor and think Im overly critical of them.”
            I think you’re upset because you spouted off on an internet forum, and there happened to be someone reading that called you on your ignorance.

          • sfmzg

            “stop trying dodging my questions and answer me”

            Sorry, all you seem to be interested in is not fact but where I got my sources. I’m not in the business of wrestling in the mud with pigs so I will leave this here.

            My three statements still stand.

          • gigglekey

            Do these two guys have a previous history, or something? nem0nic made a reasonable, polite ask, and then sfmzg jumped all up in his butt hole about it.

            If there’s lag with jog wheels, I haven’t noticed it lately. A couple years ago, I had a lot of drift issues with a cheap numark controller, but NI seem to have fixed it. I was recently pleasantly surprised to find my CMD PL1 has excellent platter tracking.

          • basta

            yes, behringer, AND stanton
            I hear he’s working on presiding over the demise of his 3rd product brand.

          • marquee mark

            harsh but true…. he’s at Gemini DJ now

          • sfmzg

            If I want to use 3rd party controllers my options are also Cross and Mixxx, you seem to forgot about them.

            Considering you work with Zplane, you can always ask them what version of Elastique Traktor 2 uses. I know it’s not v3.

          • sfmzg

            Dan, I was joking about clickbaiting because you posted to several comments some pretty obvious questions. And that article is such a great throwback, awesome to read it again!

          • Mike

            @sfmzg:disqus your entire argument is ridiculous. You are only right (and only partially) in that nem0nic is not interested in the facts (facts in the context of which version Traktor has implimented). Why? Because his argument – if you reread his initial post I have faith you’ll actually “get it” – is that you’ve made a very simple statement as a fact of which would require more inside-knowledge of proprietary software (i.e. part of the Traktor dev team) to know *as fact.* What this means is the fact itself doesn’t matter now (there’s how many versions? Anyone can guess and get it right that doesn’t mean they KNOW).

            You got called out. Thats what happened. You go around making statements as fact – no matter how much you are sure they “must be right” – be prepared to back them up. Or, maybe instead of continuing on trying to win an argument without even addressing it, think about the response a bit longer next time and then say something much more noble and respectable like “sorry, I didn’t mean i actually KNOW, its just my conclusion based on (what knowledge/observations you may actually have).

          • Be
      • Dubby Labby

        Do you know DjQuartz?

  • Drew

    I personally think that NI needs to improve the Traktor software before coming out with a new Traktor DJ program. Traktor 2 needs more improvements (updates) (bug fixes) ETC… How about adding more effects to the slot, make it stable for DVS, update the drivers (audio 8, Audio 10, X1’s, ETC…). Its a shame that other DJ software companies are updating/upgrading their software more often than NI. Hopefully this will bring Traktor back on top of their game again. Crossing fingers! Hope is in our future!

  • The_KLH

    I love how that article states that we’re looking for TPv4 when TPv3 hasn’t been released; THAT is the version we’d like to see, BTW. Anyways, there’s a golden opportunity to use everything Traktor already has (Remix Decks, STEMs) if NI does 3 key things for the Traktor world: (1) Release a jog-wheel based stand alone deck like a D2 but using the deck part of an S2 (2) Making TP capable of keeping sync with tracks that change tempo within using elastic beat-grids (3) Incorporate video. If NI wants to really shake things up, offer an embedded version of Traktor that can replace firmware on AIO controllers like the MCX8000 or XDJ-RX2.

  • Dan Schmidt

    They should have given that position to Ean already

    • Drew


  • SoulFab

    They really need to keep a traktor separate from maschine. This need to to bring production to the dance floor is kinda ridiculous b cause the massive can’t see what your doing! You can still be creative without the need to have all that crap on stage!

    • gigglekey

      I like using maschine for adding reinforcement drums on a track live. I still also use a modified DS7, but it’s hard to beat maschine’s ability to switch drum samples on a whim. Since they added the mixer view, it’s also more useful than stems IMO to mix in individual song parts.

      • CUSP

        Wait… they added a mixer view? I want to know more about this. I’ve been really busy at work, and haven’t played with these features in a while.

    • CUSP

      I don’t see why anyone would want to keep these two programs separate, every other NI product works with every other NI product.

      I think you’re right that it’s hard to plan ahead and make live changes, because it *IS* difficult to do in the current configuration.

      I’ve suggested that Maschine have two different play heads (red and green) so the user has the ability to both pre-listen to sections (and make amenable changes), and know where the presentation is currently. This will require a rethink of how the developers not only enable the software, but also how they create the UI.

      Effectively, a person could pre-plan an entire set (with a “whole set overview”, like video editing), but make changes on the fly. One of the hardest things to do in development is to know not just what people want, but to present those desired changes how the people want them, before they even know they want them. Case in point: many of us really like the idea of STEMS, but in their current employment, STEMS are hard to use effectively… so most people don’t use them. Giving the user time to think about changes, and then trying them out, and then time to make changes (before the presentation head arrives) a few times would be much better.

      Sometimes experiments flop (produce results which don’t desire to use) , but they don’t really fail until the experimenter gives up. I’m hoping these creative people keep pushing the envelope so we can give the people an even better experience.

      I get that many people don’t want to do much more than play A-to-B, but why dictate that no one be able to push the envelope further. Everything technological today comes from someone wanting more, and pushing the envelope.

      • Dubby Labby

        I see your point but my gut says “it doesn’t work that way”.
        The first who wants to keep them isolated is NI itself.

        This workflow seems to point “use Maschine at home and Traktor at stage”.
        New maschine seems pointing an update being “one for all” but still no clue about “integration”. Forget about iOS full suport or app update… so you will need a newer computer to keep all the feature set under control.

        “One Maschine to rule them all. There’s only one Maschine Mk3. It seems Mikro and Studio are being relegated to the dust bin and … well, quite frankly, good.” Peter Kirn.

        Anyways I hope be wrong and see something come before 2020.

  • Kurtis P

    I would just like some more thought going into the products they release. I was always an early adopter (even pre-Traktor, I had Final Scratch). I bought the S4 when it was originally released only to have them essentially kill my model with an update. Similar with my Audio 8 (although admittedly that had a much longer shelf life). Why would I invest in them again if my investment is worthless a few years down the road? Continue to support the products you release or don’t release them.

    • gigglekey

      My Audio8 is still going! The Audio10 died more than a year ago. The 10s fail faster, for some reason.

  • riddimdojo

    Talent = Gabor Szanto, DJ Player for iOS. I’ll just leave this right here.

    • Ash C

      I second this!

      • nem0nic

        I don’t imagine Gabor is going anywhere. He’s not just DJ Player, he’s also the brains of Superpowered.

        • riddimdojo

          There is also contract or consultancy arrangements. There is always an option!

    • millenialworkethic

      yes, but what will happen to the dozen people he replaces? who’ll spend all day in the ping pong room or the zen lounge? and who’ll manage all the support tickets and the forums, when there’s no longer any content there, because the software works properly? wouldn’t it be awfully quiet in there without all the folks who think they get paid for the pleasure of their company, instead of working?

  • Lylax

    basic shit.

    • Ah yes, the Traktor Kontrol Z4. I’d still love to see it beyond this photoshop:

      • Anthony Alonso

        They really wouldnt need to develop a 4 channel mixer if they would just open up traktor scratch certification either for all devices (similar to rekordbox) or to a broader range of mixers (like they did pre-2012). The Z2 is a performance (Turntablist) mixer and to expand it further would not make sense. They would need to develop a mixer that has FX etc in the box to compete and would end up with a product at too high of a price point to compete with Pioneer.

  • SoulFab

    They developed a controller and new software design last year and it would have actually shook up the DJ community! But instead released this stems crap!

    • What controller and software design did they develop last year?

      • SoulFab

        It was only in testing and haze to a few which I attended and was impressed and then they released the D2 instead. WTF?!!

  • Joseph Mazigo


  • killmedj

    Definitely a stand alone Maschine would be nice

    • Dubby Labby

      Or almost full compatible with iOS and updated apps.

  • tricade

    Well it should be better Traktor 5 😉 Its such a long time that they released a main version