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  • Franky

    Do the Croma Caps finally fit with the Pioneer DJM 800?

  • Alex

    por favor subtitulos en español en los videos tutoriales. pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Mr. Gone

    Do questions get answered or responded to here or am I misunderstanding the concept? I want to buy ALL Mad Zach’s sound packs. But only after me and Jules question has been addressed to my satisfaction. Loosing sales is fun yeah?

    If I get the right answer I might even order a Midi Fighter for the hell of it. Maybe two. And a set of Chroma caps for my Z2, and another set for my Thudrumble limited edition TR-1s. Perhaps I would like to purchase a pair of TMA-1 headphones at the same time , just one big fat order. But I need info first. Knock knock, hello?

  • EGWazzler

    Hey – I’m a semi-professional member of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) and I DJ in my spare time. I was just wondering what size buttons are used in the MIDI fighter (they look like 30mm Sanwas) and I was wondering how easy it will be to swap out the buttons in case I want to change it up with my own. Thanks!

  • bradley

    I have a ddj-sx and was wanting to buy knobs, I was pricing it out and a value pack is way cheaper but I see you only have value pack on S4 and S2/vci anyway you could do a value pack for the ddj-sx?

  • Dunter

    Hi I’m about buy the s4 but I’m wondering if there is 2 models as from pics on the blog there is the original one with orange light blue and green and the others model has dark blue and red, I know u can change the chroma caps but how do I order the dark blue and red controller colours?

  • dadblast

    hello djtechtools,
    could you please help me out to find the midi fighter classic utility? I’ve been looking everywhere but it has been impossible for me to find it. I’m in need of it to be able to reset them and put a new firmware on it.
    P.s I got a windows machine

    thanks a lot

  • Winnebago

    Hey so i was wondering – if the Chroma Caps and faders bottom out on Vestax VCI – 300

    how is it fixable ? can you explain how i could make them work.. Also can these be shipped to me by thursday / latest friday ? leaving for the burn –




  • DJ MinWah

    Double-check for me…I think the Kontrol X1 MK II is mispriced on Amazon. I was just perusing my wish list last night and it was coming up $149.99. I got it even though it’s out of stock and my order would take 1 to 3 months. That’s what they said about my Google Chromecast and it got moved up after a week and a half.

  • Mr. Gone

    I have a Maschine Mikro and all I want is to be able to jam on the Mad Zach sound packs (incredible) I can get the sounds on the pads, but is it possible to bring them into Maschine with all Zach’s intended pad placements, choke groups etc.?

    • jules

      the same thing with me

  • Casey Kennedy

    Hello Dev Team,

    Just wanted to let you know there are a few bugs on the homepage, nav text is a bit choppy and blurry and the account and help links are on top of the search box.. also here on the contact page it says “Don’t put anything here, it’s entirely template driven.”

    Assuming you are in the middle of some changes but thought you should be aware!

  • Jake

    The download link for mapulator no longer works – says file not found. gutted 🙁

  • Esvie

    my traktor pro 2 counts the BPM properly but it wont count the beats properly. what i mean is it wont 1-2-3-4. it counts 1—-2–3-4. anything i need to change with my preferences?

  • Steve

    Can you use Anleton Intro on a Midi Fighter?

  • dj tron

    The spectra fighter will only work With tractor products?

    • Mr. Gone

      Is that true? I never heard that. that would be lame.

  • Gregg

    Can you tell me how long it would take to deliver full set of chroma caps for an S4 to the UK?

  • Merita Mimini

    Hey I just wanted to know when you would be getting them in black, how much shipping would cost to melbourne, Victoria.

  • Is there a way i can use tonetable app with ableton ??? Kinda like ms.pinky?

  • Michael Redfearn

    Is there a way you can send me a picture of the spectra with the maple top with a clear case? I want to make sure I like the look before spending the money.

  • Morgan

    When will you be getting more glow in the dark chroma caps?

  • Hello! I was wondering if you guys could do a controllerism review of ddj sx with serato dj. Many have mapped it to traktor to get that result, but the solution is not reliable for gigs. An instructional video with a music pack would be awesome! Thans for the quality articles all these years!

  • Cristian

    Hello! I am interested in the knobs but I have a DDJ-ergo pioneer and I want to know if it will fit my controller. Thank you

  • DJ Mixing In Style

    How much for shipping to Australia, Perth for the ddj sx please. Thanks DJ Mixing In Style.

  • Noland

    When will you guys have the midi fighter pros or the spectras back in stock?

  • Hey there. I really want to order the VCI400 SE from you guys, but I live in the UK and am a bit concerned re: customs etc. Have you guys sent ones across before? Any problems? Cheers, Chris.

  • What two deck mixers would work with 2 of the new midi fighters?

  • Richard

    I wanted to know how to order a set for my twitch and my ns7 please advise

  • Lewis

    Where are the dark blue chroma caps? And what ones would you suggest for a NI F1?

  • Luca

    It’s possible to send this products in italy with a free shipping ?

  • Rene

    Any word on when you will have the controllerist backback in stock?

  • dj silk

    Do you deliver to Bahrain cuz I only have a P.O. box in us and UK and you guys don’t do that so can you deliver to Bahrain

  • fvzz

    Are the silicon cases for the classic fighter no longer available in the store? I bought my fighter before they were released, so I would like to buy one separately. Thanks.

  • Nomad0x

    I just got a standard Vci 400 as a gift is there a way for me to download the djtt firmware for it or can I send it in and have you guys do it and how much would it be?

  • Kimmotion

    I am in need of a resource I have yet to find. Can you please provide the mapping for the master volume and/or volume for individual decks for Traktor on the Launchpad and a step by step tutorial on how to do this. I have researched far and wide and have found no guidance on how to do this. Any other mapping tutorials for traktor and the launchpad for other features would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.