DJ back pack?

The market is flooded with all types of bags that may or may not work to carry your digital dj gear. Rather than gamble with $80, I turn it over to you, the readers, to share with others what your favorite dj back back has been. Please specify what gear you carry in it and where some one can buy it.To get us started, Here is one of my recommendation’s:

For a simple laptop/serato combinations I am a fan of the San Francisco based bag company, Chrome. They make really good quality bags that are designed to withstand the rigors ( of Bicycle messengers, so they should easily withstand a few gin and tonics. The “Soma” model has served me well.

one of our readers, Alakenio suggested this in a previous post:

“As for backpacks, the best one I’ve found is the Axio Fuse. I’m able to fit a MacBook and a MacBook Pro with various cables in this backpack, and it’s also very comfortable to wear as it distributes the weight very evenly. You can find them online at

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