Black VCI-100 update

**Update**September 2009, We now have black VCI-100SE controller for sale in the webstore

Purchase them here.

Our black VCI-100 controllers are the only version in the world that come with the exclusive 1.3 firmware. This firmware adds numerous performance functions and fixes several critical bugs. Read here for more info.

I should have been more careful about showing that new black VCI-100 because now everyone wants one! Here is the “semi-official” word from Vestax on release dates for the limited edition black VCI-100.First, the black VCI-100 pictured above is a Japan only release for the time being, its been made in very limited quanity and it is not scheduled to come to other markets any time soon. Thats the bad news, so now for the good news. The limited edition “Ean Golden” version of the vci-100 might be available in other markets after NAMM. That all just depends on how excited the distributors are at NAMM when I show them the first model. To help insure that you get a chance to buy one of the limited editions, you can always send them an email saying HEY, I would buy the Ean Golden VCI-100! Usually, that seems to go a long way 🙂

American Distributor of Vestax

Sales centers from other parts of the world

So how did our version of the VCI-100 end up? Check it out here:


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This version is essentially the black VCI-100 with controllerism and performance modifications programed in by yours trully. Its designed to be used as a mixer, with full channel, EQ and headphone control over 3 decks with Traktor 3.2 and above. The effects are much more easy to use, you just have to push one button to engage a effect and then turn a single knob to get loud and powerful results. Check out the deck copy function on the upper left hand side which makes moving songs around between decks in Traktor 3 simple and straight forward. The best part comes when you connect a midi foot switch to your computer (not through the VCI-100) then you can easily engage 2 controllerism layers that jump directly to 5 different cue points on each deck in 2 different musical ways. Its essentially the exact layout I am using at the Vestax show here. The dual filter control is a joy to use, just push the filter button to turn it on and then easily cut the bass or Hi frequencies with a single knob for each deck. Hold down the Deck C button with your finger or activate it with a foot switch and DECK B now controls deck C. All volume, EX and cuing of deck C are taken care of in the third bank of effects. not enough for you then get jiggy on the jog wheels- when juggle mode is engaged they turn into drums that trigger cue points! “Booom, Shake – Shake the room, boyyyyy”

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