Mixing Techniques for DJs: 5 Creative Tempo Changes

Have you ever wanted to mix in a greater variety of tempos into a set but were to afraid to screw up the mix? That is the case for many DJs, new and experienced alike. Dropping songs of different styles and tempos can be scary territory but potentially rich with reward.  Now with digital technology we have a wide variety of tools. many of which can help bridge the gap between songs of various tempos while keeping the blend smooth and natural. In today’s article I will cover 5 mix techniques that will help you do just that!

Today’s article was inspired by a readers letter:

“I have a friend that asked me if I would DJ a fashion show for her….Upon receiving the playlist the first thing I saw was that the BPM’s were all over the map! Songs went from 125 to 94 to 78 back to 100 and so on. Aside from completely reworking the songs in Ableton or just doing a quick fade I’m at a bit of a loss as to what else I can do to make these transitions somewhat natural. Any suggestions?” – Phil

Thanks for the email Phil! It inspired me to put this video together and share 5 of my favorite tricks for blending hard songs together. Do you have a DJ challenge you are facing? Tell me in the comments and perhaps that will be the next video.


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