Holiday Finger Drumming Contest + Free Soundpack

With the winter holidays upon us and the end of the year closing out, we thought it would be fun to do a finger drumming contest with a holiday-themed soundpack. Click through to download the free soundpack from Apoth, watch exhibition performances from the Soundpack4Soundpack crew, and get the details on entering the competition.

Holiday Finger Drumming Contest Details

Happy holidays, DJTT friends and family! We’re excited to kick off a new contest for the holiday season that everyone with a controller with any of any kind pads or a way to play samples can participate in. Here are the rules:

  • Use the provided soundpack (link below) at least as a starting point for your routine – you can use it as is, but if you modify it we should still be able to recognize elements
  • Record good quality audio and video of you playing the soundpack live! We’re judging based on:
    • Technical performance and playing style
    • Aesthetics and unique elements to your video (Unique setting? Incorporating other instruments, performers, gear? Visuals or nice-looking screencapture of what you’re playing? There are lots of options here!)
    • How enjoyable it is to watch (silly holiday elements or other clever things that keep people watching)
  • Pro Tip: Read Ean’s advice on shooting a great performance video or watch winners from past DJTT contests
  • Upload a video on YouTube or Facebook (or any video site) with #DJTTholidaycontest in the title, and post a link in the comments on this article.
  • Submit your video by Thursday, December 24th at 12 noon, PST.

We’ll be awarding the prizes for the winners (we reserve the right to add more winners if you all really rock our socks off):

  • Grand Prize winner: a front page featured sound pack performance on DJTT in 2016, a Midi Fighter 3D, A Midi Fighter Twister, $100 in DJTT store credit, and all DJTT Soundpacks
  • Runners up: All featured in winner roundup (with a link back to your YouTube channel / Soundcloud / etc) on December 25th

The judges for the contest will be the Soundpack 4 Soundpack crew (who did exhibition videos below) and the DJTT staff.

Download the “Ye Grand Holiday” sound pack (Ableton project + WAVs) here.

Exhibition Performances: Apoth, Vide, Kloosless, INDO, Jeff Tunque

Some of the most passionate finger drummers in the DJTT community have joined forces as Soundpack4Soundpack, a crew that runs regular finger drumming soundpack cyphers. It’s very similar to the Team Supreme weekly beat cyphers, except focused around live performance.

To help kick off this contest, we asked some of the Soundpack4Soundpack crew to put together their own performances on Apoth’s pack. Watch below for inspiration for your own entry:



Finger Drumming Mad Zach



Jeff Tunque

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your entries in the comments below. 

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