Mad Zach Sound Packs: Volume 5 Out Now

Today we’re launching a brand new set of Mad Zach Sound Packs, Volume 5 of his popular finger drumming series. This set of 15 packs is more refined and feature-filled than ever before, including play-along video lessons, and Ableton, Maschine, and Kontakt compatibility. Watch Zach demo the new packs in the video!

Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 5: Introduction

Click here to learn more about the new Volume 5 and get it for yourself!

Note: In order to take advantage of the cool new Ableton features Zach has added, these packs require Ableton Live 9.3 or later. The video lessons require 9.5.

Volume 5’s New Features

Here’s some of the new features in Mad Zach’s fifth sound pack volume:

Learn To Finger Drum: Built-In Video Lessons

In the new volume, every single pack’s Ableton project has a built-in video lesson, in the form of an overhead shot of Mad Zach’s hands playing the pack. It plays directly in Ableton, and can be looped and sped up / slowed down in time with the master tempo. This makes learning finger drumming way easier, a concept derived from similar features in professional guitar-learning packages.

If the MIDI controller being used with the pack has LEDs, the MIDI clips will even light up your controller – giving you a Simon-like effect (play notes as they light up).

No Other Paid Software Needed

“What software do I need to buy to play Mad Zach’s packs?”

The new answer is: NONE! Download the Ableton Live Trial and you’ll be able to play the soundpacks till your fingers hurt – even after the demo period ends. That’s right, no more “your 10 minute trial has ended, and the software is shutting down”. Zach designed all the packs using Ableton, so as a cool bonus, you’ll get access to the deepest soundpack features by using Ableton.

The QWERTY Drummer: Play With Your Computer Keys

At popular request, Mad Zach has found a way to play these packs even without a MIDI controller – and built a Mac-only sound pack player (“The QWERTY Drummer”) that allows you to use your computer keyboard to play the packs. This player can be used inside of any DAW. We recommend using it within any version of Ableton – including the trial!


As with the volumes in the past, Zach has put hundreds of hours into these sound packs – building up the sound design and playability of each pack through studio sessions and live gigs around the world.

If you’re looking for a powerful experience in finger drumming – whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pad-smasher – Mad Zach’s new volume is a solid win.

Pick up Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 5 here!

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