Routine: Bowser + Seniorr in a Soulful Cut Delivery

Bowser and Seniorr are based in the Swiss capital Berne and make up the turntablism duo Cut Delivery. Their combined backgrounds in funk and rap influence them to create short tracks using their DJ equipment in a fresh and familiar way that echos the funk and soul that influences them. Today, let’s highlight one of their most recent routines, Cut Delivery #7.

This Cut Delivery does a great job at a few things that made this routine really stand out. For one, Bowser and Seniorr jam out while also flexing their clean cuts in a way that mimics how you would expect a band to jam out. Secondly, the music they are playing not only samples soulful music, it is blended in a way that complements the samples with equally funky and soulful turntablism. Lastly, the mix also has some future bass bounce to it that keeps up with the excitement of 2017.

It is also tremendous to see routines that celebrate turntablism are alive and well in 2017. With most DJs on controllers and CDJs, there is a small group that still uses vinyl to create and even so much so that companies like Pioneer continue to create new turntables for DJs. Shout-out to Bowser and Seniorr for showing us how soulful and funky turntablism can be in 2017.

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