Routine: Asian Hawk + Turntable Soul

Live performances are always specified for DJs sets but that doesn’t always mean there will be “DJing” per se. For example, a live Porter Robinson set will have synths and drums versus a set of CDJs in his DJ set. However, that is not the case with Asian Hawk who stopped by DJcityTV to play his single, “Turntable Soul”, which features live vocals and turntablism.

Asian Hawk’s title for this single could also be used to identify the genre of what he is playing. With modern turntablism tools, he is able to create a well produced soulful track. From scratching samples to his drum playing using the Kontrol F1, he keeps the pace of the song.

While not all of us have a voice like Asian Hawk, many of us have DJ tools that we could use to create similar style routines that border live production and DJing. Here, Asian Hawk uses only one drum track and a remix deck inside of Traktor. The simplicity allows him to focus on his cueing, scratching, and singing and not hopping around different decks. The same could be done for other DJs with different styles of music and it goes to show that live performances and DJ sets can come out of the same DJ setup, no set change required.

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