Pulselocker Gets iOS App, Virtual DJ Integration; Apple Music/Spotify Playlist Import

Pulselocker has stayed relatively quiet since they got Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ integrations last year, but a recent press release shows signs of the service making moves in 2017. The service has launched a new iOS app for digging for new music and making sets/playlists. At the same time, Virtual DJ has gained an integration that enables users to search and play Pulselocker tracks right in the software while mixing.

Pulselocker’s iOS App

One of the biggest things that Pulselocker needed to work on after their relaunch and integration into DJ software was finding to use the service on the fly, specifically on mobile iOS devices. The developers have put this in focus with a new app, which syncs with the Pulselocker online service and with the playlists that it loads in Serato, Rekordbox, and now Virtual DJ (see below). This is potentially a very powerful on-the-go digging and organizational tool for DJs, who have very limited options when it comes to on-the-go organization and set prep.

The app is totally free to use, and works on any device running iOS 8.0 or later.

Virtual DJ Pulselocker Integration

DJ platform Virtual DJ officially launched native integration with Pulselocker last week. The official press release notes that “Virtual DJ Premium users will now have access to their Pulselocker playlists and the entirety of the Pulselocker catalog straight from the Virtual DJ browser”.

In practice, this means that users will require both a Virtual DJ Premium account ($19.99 monthly or $299 once) as well as a Pulselocker account (ranging from $9.99 to $19.99) to use the streaming service in the app.

By integrating Pulselocker, Virtual DJ joins Serato DJ and Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ software platform in offering integration with the streaming service. More broadly, this also joins djay Pro’s Spotify integration in offering in-app streaming. Given major platforms migrating towards streaming functionality, it would seem like more DJ platforms will continue to work towards integrating streaming into their programs. DJs can accept requests outside of their normal libraries (although with Music Search in Virtual DJ, you’ve been able to do this for a long time – just not as well and in a more legal gray area).

Spotify/Apple Music Playlist Matching

One final cool thing that Pulselocker noted in their recent news – they’re pushing the app Soundiiz (free or $3.50 per month for a premium account and more features), which allows for users of other streaming platforms, like Spotify or Apple Music, to import their existing playlists and music collections into Pulselocker and other streaming services. 

Many heavy music listeners have heavily-curated up Spotify playlists – so this makes the process of building up a DJ library way more comfortable for those just starting out. It’s a clever play, attempting to capture DJs who are Spotify users but who want to use their playlists in other apps that aren’t Algoriddim’s djay Pro.

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