DJ Rafik’s Maschine MK2 Pitch Play Mapping for Traktor

Getting an inside look at how professional battle DJs set up their DJ controllers is inspiring and useful. This week, DMC World Champion and veteran competitive DJ Rafik released his mapping for Maschine MK2 that has a powerful set of Traktor controls. Watch the video to see it in action, including dynamic cue pitch play controls.

Features of Rafik’s Maschine Mapping for Traktor

DJ Rafik: Maschine Mapping for Traktor Pro


Today is the day you turn full ninja.This is the mapping that I used for last year’s Red Bull Thre3style. Took me a minute to get this working well enough. Head to the ‘mixes and downloads’ tab!


I spent countless hours on this badman and hope it will drop a ton of value on you.

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Posted by Dj Rafik on Saturday, April 15, 2017

  • Group A = cue points, 8 per deck. Set on the fly and delete with Erase + each Cue Point
  • Group B = Remix Decks – four cells in four slots
  • Group C = FX Slot assignments (in quadrants for Deck A/B/C/D)
  • Group D = Flux mode (a hold button and a toggle button for Decks A/B)
  • Group E = Transpose Cue Point 1 (7 semitones up and 8 semitones down)
  • Group F = Transpose Active Cue Point (the last one pressed, same layout as Group E  – but only on Deck B for some reason?)
  • Group G = 8 Loop Sizes for Decks A/B
  • Master Left / Right arrow buttons = Loads next track into Deck A (left arrow) or Deck B (right arrow); use Play + arrow buttons to load the previous track.
  • Transport Left / Right arrow buttons = Hold down arrows and rotate the large encoder to speed up / slow down Decks A/B respectively – it enables keylock and changes the deck to internal

 Download Rafik’s Mapping

As Used In Red Bull Thre3style

Despite some major humidity-related technical difficulties with his mixer in the finals, Rafik still used a lot of this Maschine MK2 mapping’s features for his performance routines. After the competition, he also released the below performance video of what his final performance should have been like:

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