Routine: Monophonic Rise with José Cabello

José Cabello is back with his latest Tecnica Futura video, Monophonic Rise. The latest video showcases the use of pitch control on the Kontrol D2 to create tension in his set whilst using monophonic and polyphonic samples to create a dynamic routine.

José’s Technica Futura series is showcasing the potential behind Traktor’s Stem formats. With only a Traktor Kontrol D2, José is able to create a dynamic sense of tension and release within this routine.

The Routine Breakdown

Stems A, B, and C were originally meant to play 8 notes and 8 chords. By utilizing cue points, the DJ is able to play the stems in harmonic ways. However, what José is doing is splitting the sounds into two different decks to create 2 monophonic and 2 polyphonic sample based instruments. This gives him more control over the entire routine.

Deck B contains a synth noise sample that is the key component to the tension and release of the routine. Pitching the deck up creates tension without being out of sync with the other decks. The massive Glide effect creates a more immersive sound that can be used at the DJs discretion rather than depending on a single track.

José continues to show the DJTT community how to build expressive DJ routines through Traktor’s Stems. Producers and DJs can take away many tips and tricks from his informative videos.

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