Video: Apoth x GlassCannon “Vapor Lock” Midi Fighter 64 Routine

For the last month, we’ve been excitedly shipping out Midi Fighter 64s to artists and creators around the world. Today we’re featuring a new routine video on the arcade button controller from sound pack creator Apoth. This performance from Apoth is unique because it uses a sound pack that’s designed particularly for the Midi Fighter 64 – with a light show to match!

This performance is extra special because the “Vapor Lock” soundpack comes bundled free with every Midi Fighter 64. This is in addition to four other amazing soundpacks from finger drumming artists, including Shawn Wasabi, Choke, Mad Zach, and ill. Gates!

In this video, finger drummer Apoth has put together another great routine.

Wondering if there’s a standard for routine videos?
We wrote up a guide to great videos for DJs/performers

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