DJ Track Trade: What Songs Were Winners In June 2017?

Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash

We’re back with another edition of the DJ Track Trade. If you missed the first one, the goal is for the DJTT community to share what new tracks, edits, remixes, and releases worked especially well on dance floors. This time, we’ll share a few select tracks we’ve played, trainspotted, or seem to be doing really well on charts – and then turn it over to you in the comments.

DJ Track Trade: The Rules

As with last time, the only way this works is if many DJs take part and contribute to the Track Trade. If you’ve discovered a few secret weapons or winning tracks this month, consider sharing them in the comments.

  • DJ Track Trade is genre-agnostic. That means all types of tunes are welcome – the only requirement is that you’ve experienced these tracks doing well when played out in public!
  • When commenting, post just one per comment. This allows other DJs to upvote individual tracks – so we can find the best easily. It’s harder to find quality stuff that’s buried in lists of tracks in comments.
  • Don’t share files, do share links to buy (ideally as direct from the artist/label as possible)
  • Classic tunes are fine, but we suspect most of your fellow DJs are interested in new/recent releases.

If this goes well, we’ll do this once a month – hopefully you’ll find something below that’s exciting or interesting to you!

Dan – Managing Editor

Techno (Not Techno) Solardo Remix – Bot, Will Clarke: It might be a little played out, but personally I love songs that talk about their own genre within the song. This one keeps it simple with just the single word Techno – but used as a repeated rhythmic element throughout the track. It’s a great tool to use during peak hours.

Bluff (Left/Right Remix) – Inkline: When artists crossover between Dirtybird-style tech house and Stanton Warriors-style breaks, something magical seems to happen. Left/Right has done a great job of this in the last few months, and his remix of Inkline’s Bluff has worked magic on dance floors for me in the last month.

DJ Deets: Contributing Writer

This June and early July, I embraced a chill tropical house vibe and tried, as temperatures steadily rose and attitudes became freer, to establish a tropical groove wherever I played. As such, these songs all work really well outdoors and at summer parties.

Solo Dance (Club Mix) – Martin Jensen: Taking his hit Solo Dance from last year, Martin Jensen combines killer vocals with a really punchy drop and overall good groove throughout.

Came Here for Love – Sigalla, Ella Eyre: I just heard this song this week and really liked it. Ella’s vocals bring a unique soul background to Sigalla’s melodic chords and complex rhythm created with a marimba.

Girls Like – Tinie Tempah & Zara Larsson: British Rapper Tinie Tempah and Scandinavian singer Zara Larsson bringing bars and memorable vocals in their collaboration “Girls Like” from Tempah’s 2017 album “YOUTH”

Contributions From Twitter

We asked our many Twitter followers for their input – here’s a few select tracks we’ve gotten so far:

Over To You In The Comments!

Now it’s your turn! Share a killer recent find in the comments on this post (one track per post, please), ideally with a link to listen to it, and up vote ones you like.

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