Pioneer DJ Launch Interface 2, A Rekordbox DJ DVS Soundcard

We’ve been wondering when Pioneer DJ was going to add proper DVS support for all hardware to their Rekordbox DJ software. The answer has come in today’s announcement – the Interface 2 is a two channel audio interface that will allow Rekordbox’s performance mode to be controlled by any pair of DVS decks and output back to any mixer with audio ins. No Pioneer DJ approved mixer or controller needed to make it work!

  • Gear: Interface 2
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ 
  • Price: $299
  • Availability: Early July 2017
  • Includes: Rekordbox DJ + DVS licenses, control vinyl

Interface 2 = Rekordbox DJ Is Open To Every Mixer

Why is a sound card so exciting and interesting? Quite simply, it means there’s an officially supported device that allows Pioneer DJ’s software to work with any setup. DVS interfaces are critical for any DJ who doesn’t have a mixer with a certified sound card for their software. They take the audio signal from turntables, pass it into the software, and back out to mixer channels of your choice.

Pioneer DJ shows off the Interface 2 in their hero video alongside an older DJM-909, a favorite classic mixer for turntablists – but of course it’ll work with any brand of mixer. That’s the whole point.

Key Features Of The Interface 2

Wondering what makes this unit worth the price tag? Here are the features that Pioneer DJ noted in their press release:

1. High-quality sound: You can use the INTERFACE 2 at gigs thanks to its crystal-clear sound, inherited from our professional DJ gear. Supporting audio up to 96kHz, it features a high-quality D/A converter and the S/N ratio exceeds 110 dB, so it’s well suited for use in clubs.

2. Compact, robust chassis: Take the INTERFACE 2 out on the road with confidence. The unit is compact, portable and its seamless aluminium casting makes it highly robust, while the extended edges protect the terminals.

3. LEDs indicate signal flow: Connect the INTERFACE 2 to any DJ set-up quickly and easily, even in a dark club. After plugging into your laptop via USB, LED indicators on the INTERFACE 2’s top panel show signal flow, giving you a visual grasp of the setting status. You’ll immediately see if there’s a signal failure or a problem with a connection, or if the signal level is too low or high, for example when a turntable is incorrectly connected to the line input. The LEDs flash if a signal is in mono only.

4. Includes control vinyl plus licenses for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs: The INTERFACE 2 comes with bundled license keys for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, so you can control and scratch digital tracks stored on your computer. Using the engine of rekordbox dj, which uses the same audio signal processing in our professional DJ mixers and multiplayers, you can enjoy high-quality audio and low latency response.

5. Other features:
• Mains or USB power – choose your preferred source
• Stand-alone audio interface – use the INTERFACE 2 for recording audio to your computer or to send audio to speakers
• Large signal GND terminal – firmly holds turntables’ ground wires to reduce noise. The knob stays attached even when fully turned, so it can’t be dropped
• High-quality audio – supports 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 96 kHz signals
• DVS options – use time coded vinyl (included) or custom control signal WAV file for use via CDs or USB drive (free download available)

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