Routine: DJ Cable and DJ Complexion Rock the Denon MC7000

Out of London comes a grime, bass heavy routine from DJ Cable and DJ Complexion. This dual performance features both DJs taking turns to scratch tracks, finger-drum samples, and mix a tight routine all while using the same controller, Denon DJ MC7000. The controller provides both DJs with enough space to share while they get to work on their routine. Check it out above.

Dual Performance using the MC7000

The Denon DJ MC7000 is a Serato DJ controller that came out Fall 2016 and it is a powerhouse of a controller that aims to grab a hold of the premier DJ controller market.

In this routine, watch carefully how the two DJs switch up their positions:

  • DJ Complexion starts by cutting up the beat using the LED pads at 0:45 with DJ Cable controlling effects on the other Deck’s pads
  • Then, the DJs swap sides so Cable can scratch while Complexion handles the mixing.

This routine also does an excellent job at showing the size and versatility of the MC7000. Both DJs can comfortable stand together in a space that is similarly sized to an average DJ booth and neither of them gets in each other’s way. For a DJ controller, the MC7000 has the look and feel of a full CDJ system. Denon is very serious about going after a share of the market and this video goes to show that for $999, the MC7000 is a pro controller that can not only handle one, but two DJs going in on a mix.

Interested in owning this controller? Check it out in the DJ TechTools Store!

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