Rane Seventy-Two Serato DJ Mixer Revealed At DMC USA Championships

In a sneaky move just ahead of their official product announcement, Rane DJ has shared their brand new battle mixer, dubbed the Seventy-Two. The new mixer was a surprise first place prize for the DMC USA Finals Champion, DJ Perly. Keep reading for the first photos and what we know so far about the Rane 72 mixer!

Rane DJ Seventy-Two Unveiled

DJ Perly won the Official Rane DJ 72 Mixer!!!!!

Posted by Christie Zee on Saturday, August 5, 2017


Christie Zee – one of the main forces behind the DMC Championships – posted the above photo gallery of the Rane Seventy-Two on Saturday, giving the world a great look at the mixer. It looks to be squarely aimed at competing with the DJM-S9 mixer as we predicted first last week.

Features of the Seventy-Two

From the photos, here’s what we can deduce as the major features of this new Rane DJ 72 mixer so far – clearly designed to go hand-in-hand with Serato DJ based on the labeled features:

  • A high-resolution screen in the middle of the mixer section – we haven’t seen the display in action yet
  • 8 performance pads per deck with 10 modes: Pitch Play, Man Loop, Pad FX, Fader FX, Transport, Cue, Auto Loop, Roll, Sampler, and Slicer
  • “Mag Three X3” tension adjustable faders – more details TBD
  • Dual FX toggles that look very similar to the switches used on the DJM-S9/RMX-1000
  • Independent Sample
  • High/Low pass dual filters for each deck
  • Dual USB ports/soundcards
  • Two “turntable” USB inputs – see below
  • Crossfader controls and reverse switches for each fader on the front of the mixer
  • Two mic inputs, with built-in echo effect on Mic 1

What The Heck Are Those USB Ports?

You might notice one of the most interesting parts of the Rane Seventy Two’s input/output section is a pair of USB ports labeled TURNTABLE – one for each deck. This might be as simple as a USB hub, but because of the labeling, it seems like Rane will likely launch a companion product of turntables with USB outputs.

There’s even some (likely fake) photo speculation that Rane will launch a motorized 12″ vinyl platter/controller:

If this is real… I am sooo happy right now!

Having had both Numark V7s and Denon SC3900s in the past I’ve wanted a…

Posted by Vince SP Armstrong on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Ultimately, this is an InMusic product – so it seems a little odd that they would be developing turntable decks to directly compete against similar just-announced offerings from Denon DJ.

We’re waiting on more official details from Rane themselves in the next week – stay tuned to DJTT for all the latest DJ gear news! 
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