Routine: Asian Hawk’s Soulful TC-Helicon Performance

Asian Hawk is a soulful DJ who we featured before for his turntablism and vocal performances. Now, he is back without the turntables with a performance that depends primarily on a vocal effects unit, the TC-Helicon Perform VE. Read more about his routine below.

  • Artists: Asian Hawk
  • Gear used: TC-Helicon Perform VE, A Saucy Keytar

We’re particularly impressed by how Asian Hawk is able to build such a powerful routine with a minimalist setup. It might not be as high-paced as traditional DJ routines, but he’s swiftly building a track from nothing. His workflow is mesmerizing as he builds each part all while keeping himself in time to sing the vocals.The backbone of his performance is the TC-Helicon Perform-VE which is a real-time vocal sampler and FX processor with a drum looper.

These types of live performance routines are exciting because they show how turntablists can dive into different performance mediums. With a small vocal processor, Asian Hawk is able to build a huge track using his voice, the built-in sounds, a keytar, and a little bit of tambourine.

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