DDJ-SX2-N: All Gold Everything

What happens when you take the most popular professional DJ controller on the market and dip it in a gold paint job? It seems like only yesterday that we were writing about a new color release from Pioneer DJ – because it was only yesterday. Today, it’s the DDJ-SX2-N – a limited edition version of the Serato DJ controller.

Golden DDJ-SX2-N

Similar to the CDJ and DJM whiteout editions that were just announced, this new all-gold generation of DDJ-SX2 controller is a highly limited edition:

We’re releasing an exclusive new version of one of our most popular Serato DJ controllers in a stunning gold finish. Production of the Serato DVS Upgrade Ready 4-channel DDJSX2-N will be strictly limited to just 1000 units, each featuring a plaque engraved with a unique serial number, so you can create a one-of-a-kind DJ set-up.

Based on the lack of a press release from Pioneer DJ USA (we only got notice via a boilerplate email from Pioneer Europe), we suspect these gold SX2s will be in very short supply in North America. The official release notes a price in Euros only as well:

The DDJSX2-N will be available from mid-September at an SRP of €1,149 including VAT. Licences for the Serato Flip and Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Packs are included.

Versus An Aftermarket Skin?

A lot of DJs want alternately colored gear, but because of the limited run editions, getting factory-made units is fairly unlikely for most. There are other options out there, with one of the biggest names (12 Inch Skins) already making aftermarket skins for almost every piece of DJ gear out there. Here’s their mirrored gold wrap for the DDJ-SX2:

At $99, it’s about the same cost as getting one of these limited edition units – but you’ll have to put the gold skin on yourself!

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