Watch The First Videos Of Rane’s 72 Mixer and Twelve Controllers

Rane DJ is planning a comeback under their new owners, InMusic. A big part of that plan? Two new devices – the Seventy-Two mixer and Twelve controller – that were announced in August. But the hype faded as industry shows (DJ Expo, ADE, BPM) came and went without demos or working devices. But now two new videos have emerged from Rane’s product manager showing the mixer and controllers in action. Watch below.

Cutting on The Seventy-Two and Twelve

Interestingly, this first video didn’t show the screens on the Seventy-Two – but it was quickly followed up with another:

The videos do a few things really well:

  • show off the precision and control achievable on the digital Twelve controllers – even when pushed by heavy scratching.
  • demonstrate the solid frame rate of the waveforms on the Seventy-Two mixer (it looks very similar to the displays on the Denon DJ S5000 players)
  • remind everyone that these products are really coming soon; they’re not vaporware.

When Will They Launch?

At this rate, odds are pretty good we won’t see a full launch until early 2018 – JP (Fatfingaz) noted in a comment on Facebook:

I want the DJ to have a QUALITY PRODUCT which the Rane team has been working on day after day to give the world something to look forward to in 2018.

Read more about the Twelve and Seventy Two here

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