Custom DJ Booths With Hidden Features, Secret TVs, Slide Out DJ Gear Drawer

Having a completely customized DJ booth is something that most of us dream of. But what if your custom booth was incredibly functional and helped you be better at your job? Today we’re highlighting a few amazing DJ booths built by Kenny Q that are seriously next level – and every mobile DJ’s dream.

Custom Mobile DJ Booths

Designing and building custom DJ booths might take a lot of work. But having a sleek and professional look can be a money-maker for those DJs who work in mobile gigs like weddings, mitzvahs, school dances, corporate events, etc. At the same time, a well laid out booth can simply be a time-saver – as you’ll see with these two booths.

Kenny Q is a Connecticut-based mobile DJ – so he already knows what types of features are useful for his gigs. Watch this first video and check out what he’s built for himself:

The Kenny Q Booth

This is the first video of a Kenny Q designed booth – and he does a great job of walking through each of the features on the booth. It’s a pretty amazing plug-and-play design. Some highlights:

  • a large TV on the front (for video mixing or just custom graphics for events)
  • a slide-out drawer with an inset Rane Sixty Four mixer and a pair of Technics “CD turntables” – AKA the infamous SL-DZ1200 model
  • under the drawer, a line mixer (controllable via the iPad), and power routing
  • audio and power input/output on the base of the booth to make setting up PAs and power distribution really simple
  • two additional TVs in a side compartment
  • a large clean “countertop” for laptops, iPads, additional DJ gear, etc

A DJ Named Sne Booth

If you’re looking at the first booth and thinking “this is great, but I want something a bit more like the booth at (famous club), this might be more the look.

As with the first booth, it’s on wheels – but it’s rocking an all-black trim. There’s a main large screen for the front of the booth, and the two doors on either side of it open up to create a full screen facade.

On the top of the unit are extra power ports, a pop-up monitor for the DJ, and three Technics SL-1200 turntables. It gets even better  underneath – there’s a pull out drawer with:

  • a nice rack centerpiece
  • video preview monitors
  • a nice Urie rotary mixer
  • two inset CDJ-2000s
  • two inset Akai AFX controllers
  • a keyboard and mouse hiding underneath

Think you have something really amazing and want to show off your own unique DJ setup? Send an email to editor (at) djtechtools (dot) com with “Show Your Setup” included in the subject line.

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