Ableton 10 Coming On February 6th

Just announced earlier today, the upcoming Ableton 10 gets its official release date. The 10th version of Live brings new devices, improved workflows, a redesigned library, ever-closer Push integration and more. Plus Live Suite comes with a built-in Max for Live. Keep reading to learn more.

When Does Ableton 10 Release?

If you already bought Ableton 9 or pre-ordered Ableton 10 during the special offer period the you’ll receive an email on February 6th detailing how to redeem your copy. Don’t own one? There is a 20% off on all licenses + free 10 upgrade which will still be available until this new release launches so now will be a great time to upgrade if you were on the edge about it.

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But I Want it NOW! How Can I Get It Sooner?

If you’re a licensed user of Ableton 9 (Standard and Suite), it’s really easy to get access to the public beta of Live 10 right away. To get started, sign up on Centercode here. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access a full download of Live 10’s public beta. Install and activation is business as usual after that so I doubt you’ll be needing help with that.

Hype aside, keep in mind beta software is unfinished and prone to have some issues. The whole purpose of participating in a beta after all is helping the developer find issues and patch them prior to the final release. Ableton 10 can open your earlier projects but once you save there is no going back unless you kept a legacy backup. Finally, if you make a living off Ableton or have a big show coming soon then it’s always best to stick with the test and tried releases and wait until February 6th to ensure that not only Ableton is stable but your peripherals and plugins behave as expected.

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