Choke Soundpacks Volume 1: Out Now!

Two years ago, mystery finger drummer Choke first caught our attention with his Midi Fighter 3D performance video, Kubrick.

A few emails later, we were off – or rather, he was off. Many long studio nights, plenty of road testing, and a few analog synths later Choke’s debut soundpacks are finally here and ready to play. 13 super catchy, playable songs made for finger drummers. Think Flume vibes, feel good hip hop, and funky 80s synths all mixed together. But don’t take our word for it. You can hear and play every sound you/see in this video:

Features of Choke’s Soundpacks

  • 13 playable packs
  • Each pack is one full song
  • Over 300 expertly tuned samples
  • Professionally mixed, mastered, and road tested
  • Includes real analog synth samples
  • High quality .wav samples (not mp3)
  • 390 MB digital download
  • Great for beginners and advanced producers
  • Easy setup
  • Catchy songs
  • Made by a professional producer (it’s his day job)
  • Zero risk guarantee
  • Works with all MIDI controllers

Get Choke SoundpacksFAQ About These Packs

Who is this right for?

If you like the sound of feel-good hip hop and Flume-style 80s synths, you’ll love these super catchy packs.

Technical producers will love the samples and sound design.

Newer producers will appreciate the easy setup, and instant playability. This is a fun for beginners to hone their chops without getting frustrated with endless Ableton options. It’s easy to jump right in and start having fun.

What controllers does this sound pack work with?

These packs work with any MIDI controller, ideally a pad controller or Midi Fighter with at least 16 pads.

What format do the packs come in?

The soundpacks come as Ableton and Maschine projects, so there is almost no work to install them – just double-click.

If you don’t have Ableton, you can manually import the .wav files in each file folder into your DAW, DJ software, or hardware. For example, you could import the .wav files into, Traktor, Logic, FL Studio, standalone samplers and most iOS sampling apps, but it would take a little time.

Are these made for the studio or the stage?

These are studio quality samples made for performance. They are full songs in a playable format so you can jam with them on stage or remix them in your studio. Feeling funky? Mix up the samples between packs and create your very own edits on the fly.

Do I need to pay for software to use with these packs?

All packs can be played for free forever using the Ableton Trial. Even after the trial expires you’ll be able to open and play the packs. Once the trial expires save and export are disabled – that’s the only limitation. 

What version of Ableton do I need?

Ableton 9.7.2 or higher is required. 32 or 64 bit versions of Ableton will both work. Already running Ableton 10? These will work 100% fine there.

What’s your refund policy on Choke Soundpacks?

We’re committed to how amazing these soundpacks are. If you don’t love them, just hit us up within 14 days after ordering.

Tell us why you’re unhappy, and what we should do better and we’ll provide a refund. That’s it. If you’re at all considering supporting Choke and DJTT and scoring these packs, you might as well try them and decide for yourself since there is no risk. We’re confident you’ll love them. 

Choke Soundpacks

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