Volca Mix: Korg’s Compact Gear Mixer

Korg’s Volca hardware has been a fan favorite among producers. The Volca Bass, FM, Keys, Sample, and Synth were all designed to be portable – as well as to sound lush and richly analog. Rumors floated around that Korg may be making a Volca mixer to tie the series together. For NAMM, the company is announcing Volca Mix, the analog mixer that completes a Volca setup.

  • Controller: Volca Mix
  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Availability: Available January 2018
  • Price: $169.99

The Volca Mix is an analog mixer with four channels: two mono inputs, one stereo input, and an auxiliary in jack for send/receive connections. Each of those inputs (besides the Aux input) has its own Filter (low/high cut), Send volume, and mute controls. Built into the unit is an analog stereo expander/compressor with side-chaining to beef up the master out signal. The Aux channel can be used for external effects or as a fourth audio channel for another device.

All the audio is routed to the RCA Lineout, 3.5mm headphone jack, and the stereo speakers on the bottom corners of the unit (which can be turned off via a switch). Each Volca Mix also comes with three audio cables.

The volca mix is equipped with master effects powered by all-analog circuitry. In addition to an expander that broadens a mono source into a stereo sound image, there’s a dynamic range compressor that compresses the high-frequency range according to level changes of the low-frequency region, as well as a side chain effect. – Korg’s press release

Volca Mix is also capable of syncing other gear using the master clock with sync out. The unit also has three DC out jacks to power other Korg gear and comes with an AC adapter as well as three DC-DC cables. Performers can get away with one DC power adapter coming into the Volca mix to power three other pieces of gear.

Completing the Korg Volca Series

At ~$170, the Korg Volca Mix offers a simple yet extremely dynamic way to control and mix sounds from other hardware. While there are definitely cheaper, compact mixers, arguably the Volca Mix’s analog circuitry and mastering effects make the investment worthwhile. The Korg Volca Mix is a relatively affordable solution for performers looking to streamline the setup and breakdown process with a punchy, lush sounding mixer that is easy to use.

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