Denon DJ’s MCX8000 Finally Getting Engine Prime Support

Since Denon DJ’s SC5000 players were released, there’s been one group of early adopters who have felt a bit passed over: owners of the MCX8000 all-in-one controllers. The MCX8000 was “new” Denon’s first entry into a new generation of Engine-powered products when it was released in 2016. This week, Denon DJ is at last announcing a public beta test of a new firmware for the MCX8000, bringing it into the Prime generation. Read on for more details.

MCX8000 Getting “Primed”

So the MCX8000 is getting a new version (2.0) of its firmware. That firmware has entered the public beta stage – which means that while it isn’t quite ready for widespread use, it is very close. Current users can download the beta version of the firmware on Denon DJ’s forums– if they’re approved by the moderators there.

The biggest feature in the new firmware: support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives. So if you’ve put together a USB stick for SC5000 players, the full structure of the stick will work in an MCX8000. The one exception: FLAC files still won’t work on MCX8000s, which don’t support that file format.

Other features in the new firmware update include:

  • Added support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Added Mic 1 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)
  • Added Mic 2 attenuation control utility menu option (0dB to -20dB)
  • Added Talk Over level utility menu option (-20db to -40dB)
  • Added Talk Over resume type utility menu option (fast, normal)
  • Added Booth Receive mic signal utility menu option (on, off)
  • Added Beat Grid support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Added Beat Grid slide feature
  • Added Quantize feature
  • Added Quantize options 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-beat and off for setting/triggering hotcues and loops
  • Added Beat Sync feature
  • Added 12 o’clock platter LED reset for cues
  • Added BPM sorting when browsing songs through BPM Filter
  • Fixed issue where “unknown” was displayed for track name in crates & playlists with over 500 tracks
  • Fixed issue where device would not register as MIDI device on certain Mac OS systems
  • Fixed issue where pitch fader was not reported in the SysEx initialization message
  • Various additional bug fixes and stability improvements

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