Denon DJ To Add Traktor Collections to Engine Prime

We’re always excited when walls get broken down between different DJing platforms. Denon DJ made a bold choice in 2017 when they launched the Prime series, particularly the SC5000 players – creating a whole new library for DJs to maintain who wanted to switch to the system. Today, we’ve seen the first hint that Traktor Pro 2 users could soon be able to get their playlists and metadata easily into Engine Prime – keep reading for the details.

Denon DJ Teased Traktor Collection Importing

The news first broke when Denon DJ posted on their Facebook page with a teaser photo, below. The interface shown is the Engine Prime library preparation software, but with a Traktor Pro 2 logo and the words “Coming Soon”:

It stands to reason that a brand new update to the Engine Prime software (the first since 1.1 was released in January) is due very soon – and that it will bring the ability for users to import their playlists and metadata into the software. This would mirror similar crate importing functionality already in the program for Serato DJ users.

A Few Feature Set Suggestions

You might be familiar with MixMasterG – the independent developer who has been creating his own tools for DJs looking to convert their libraries into various formats, particularly Engine Prime. He’s got his own short hit list of suggestions for this integration that we thought would be valuable to share here:


Is HID Traktor Integration Next?

Note MixMasterG’s last point – HID compatibility seems like the ultimate goal here. Native Instruments just axed a bunch of their newer hardware products (D2 and S5) – so adding a high-end deck control device would be a big win.

The path to direct HID connection to Traktor Pro 2 seems pretty clear: when the SC5000 players first launched, Engine Prime had the ability to import/sync Serato DJ collections to the software. With the addition of Traktor collections to the Engine Prime preparation software, it seems like a very natural next step for both companies. Native Instruments is on a hardware compatibility streak right now with the recent 2.11.3 update – so why not add these cutting-edge players?

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