DMC Online 2018: Winning DJ Routines From Rounds 1 – 3

Unless you’re a competitor or avid fan, keeping tabs on what’s happening in DJ competitions as they happen can be hard. Today, guest contributor Nathaniel Pak has put together a summary of the current state of the DMC Online competition. DMC Online is a unique competition because it allows any DJ to enter, regardless of fame, location, and equipment. Watch the current top 9 finalists and learn more about the competition in this roundup.

How Does The DMC Online Work?

The first three rounds of the 2018 DMC Online are now finished. The competition began on March 30th, with the first round running from March 30th – April 13th. Round 2 from April 13th – April 27th, and round 3 from April 27th – May 11th.

For DMC Online, the rules are a bit more relaxed than the in-person regional tournaments: you submit 2 minute routine videos using any gear and music.

During the two weeks of each round, voting was open to the public. After the two weeks of public voting ended, the DMC Online judges (usually higher profile experienced competitive DJs) score the public’s top ten DJs. The top 3 DJs in each round advance to the Online world final. The winner of the online final go on to compete in the DMC World Championships.

Round 1 Winners

Mr. Switch, Jon1st, Cutmaster Swift, DJ Brace, and DJ Vekked scored round 1, DJ Skillz from France placed 1st with 50 points. Skillz’s live remix of Son Lux’s “Lost It To Trying” displayed not just his technical skills, but also his skills as an artist:

DJ Dayvers representing the USA came in 2nd with 43 points. Dayvers brought a funky sound with his Brickhouse routine:

John Swan from USA placed 3rd with 34 points. His routine showcased his technical skills with use of word play:

Round 2 Winners

DJ Fong-Fong, Cutmaster Swift, and Jon1st judged round 2. The results: DJ K-swizz from New Zealand placed 1st with 29 points. (Note: DJ K-swizz took down his entry video – we’re not entirely sure why)

DJ Chell representing Russia placed 2nd with 28 points. His routine showcased his clean scratches combined with cue point techniques:

Uppacut from the United Kingdom placed 3rd with 23 points. His “Tried By 12” routine was the highlight of his performance:

Round 3 Winners

DJ Nelson, Cutmaster Swift, DJ Brace, and DJ Vekked judged round 3, and DJ Fummy from Japan nabbing 1st place with 39 points. His routine showcased his technical skills as well as his skills as a producer through his use of cue points:

DJ Basim representing Brazil came in 2nd with 31 points. His routine showcased his clean scratches and beat juggling skills:

DJ Soujazz from Brazil got 3rd with 30 points. His routine showcased his clean scratches and beat juggling skills:

So What Happens Next?

The Online Final is on June 15th. Finalists must upload their routines on June 15th. Their videos must not exceed 6 minutes and 4 seconds.

When they’re up, finalists routines can be viewed on the official DMC Online website. The winner will be announced on June 25th.

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