TR-SYNC: Serato DJ Pro Adding Roland Drum Machine BPM Syncing

Roland has done something incredible in the last few years by relaunching modern versions of the classic TR drum machines. They also have worked very closely with Serato to build powerful hardware like the DJ-808/505/202 controllers. In an upcoming update to Serato DJ Pro, most new TR drum machines (TR-8, TR-8S, TR-08, or TR-09) will be able to automatically sync with the DJ software’s BPM.

Roland + Serato DJ Pro TR-SYNC

To connect the Roland TR drum machine, plug the USB from the TR drum machine to the computer running Serato DJ Pro with supported hardware, and then connect the audio output to an available input on the DJ mixer or controller. Because Serato DJ Pro takes care of the sync, DJs can focus on their performance and the new creative options.

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Excitingly, this will be a free update to both Serato DJ Pro and to the firmware on all of the compatible Roland units. It does not appear that there will be a paid expansion on the Serato side. Instead, the Roland units are simply getting OSA certification- that’s short for Official Serato Accessory.

We have seen Roland and Serato grow closer and closer, particularly as Pioneer DJ has moved away from external software partners. At this year’s NAMM, it seems like the partnership has taken a natural growth.

Interestingly, this will be very attractive for artists who regularly use TR machines already in their productions or live sets, including the CDJ and Traktor-loving techno and house scene.

We have no details yet on the release timeline of the new update, but stay tuned to our social media pages and we will bring you live coverage of the integration at NAMM.

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