Cross DJ 4: New Interface, Soundcloud Streaming, Effect Engine

You might have thought that Mixvibes, the company behind Cross DJ and the Remixlive/Remixvideo apps, had fallen off the DJ software game – but today’s news shows that they’re very much still in it. Today they’re announcing a brand new iteration of their DJ software, Cross DJ 4. It’s available for preorder today, and has a few new features. Watch the video below and then keep reading for a feature overview.

Cross DJ 3 came out back in 2014 – and went on to become one of the first DJ apps to be released on Android. There’s a number of new features worth talking about that are shown off in the video above.

Cross DJ 4 New Features

Here’s what Mixvibes is championing with this release – note that the details are limited to Mixvibes’ press release – with our notes in parenthesis.

New simple & intuitive UI
Cover view collection (see album covers as a library view)

Parallel Waveform for the 4 players (horizontal also available)

Suitable for tactile, UI customizable with a new script technology named Maquillage (apparently this means you can re-skin the entire UI? We’re not sure the specifics yet)

Touch screen compatible

Feature improvements
3 audio effects synchronized per player

Create your own effects with the Tweaker (we’re not sure what this exactly is

Mix Music from Soundcloud (yup, they’ve got Soundcloud Go integration)

Autoplay improvements with many powerful transitions

New analyse to get the intro, outro & the best track parts (this is phrase analysis, which we’ve seen in a few other DJ applications)

Master clock & Ableton link

Attach any MIDI controller with the MIDI learning

New remote app for iOS & Android

Collection improvements
Track match & track playlist panes

Import / Export from most DJ softwares : Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ

Export a universal USB drive (this is pretty powerful if it works….we’ll want to test it)

What About Video / Other Old Features?

Interestingly, there’s no mention of mixing video (which was one of the big features championed in the last version of Cross DJ. Without additional confirmation, it’s hard to say what old features will and won’t be in this generation – but it seems highly unlikely they would remove a core functionality.

For DJs who want to use HID and DVS control, this isn’t the release for you – you’ll need Cross DJ Pro 4 – “which will be available soon” according to the Mixvibes forums.

Preorder DJ Software?

One thing we’re not too sure about is the idea of preordering software before you can actually use it. For a lot of DJs, it’s critical to try a piece of software before you ever fork over money – which is why many softwares offer lite versions and demo periods. If you preorder the software ($34.99 until April 7th), you’ll get beta access, but that’s still a bit strange.

The Mixvibes team speaks to this on their forums:

“We most likely will offer a demo version of Cross DJ Pro 4 in the same way that we offer a demo of Cross 3 currently (which does have a time limitation), and we will also update Cross DJ Free as a version of Cross DJ 4 with limited features.

I am waiting to get all details straight for all versions before fully announcing them, as I do not want to cause any confusion.”

Comments on Mixvibes’ Facebook page also confirm that there will be discounts for current Cross DJ/Cross users, but specifics aren’t yet available.

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