Denon DJ Engine Prime 1.3.1 Update: Rekordbox Import, Key Sync, On-Device Playlist Editing

Denon DJ is finally starting to ship the Prime 4 all-in-one standalone player this week (check it out in the just-refreshed DJTT store here). Alongside this product release comes a very large update to the Engine Prime preparation software, as well as firmware updates for the SC5000/M media players.

Here’s a quick overview of each of the things the new update brings:

Rekordbox Collection Importing

This update has a core focus of trying to improve the process for DJs moving into the Engine ecosystem from other software workflows. The big one here is obviously Rekordbox importing – see how in the video below. Essentially, you’re now able to import any size Rekordbox library, which will bring in playlists, songs, hot cues, and memory loops.

SC5000/M On-Screen Playlist + Crate Editing

This one is another “hey, this is way better than the CDJs” feature. You can now add and remove tracks from playlists or crates directly on the media players. This turns practice time into direct prep time – no more taking notes back to your computer after a practice session to update your playlists with tracks you want to include.

Other New Features

Here’s the other stuff from Denon DJ’s press release that’s worth noting:

  • Speed improvements to Serato, iTunes and Traktor imports: Engine Prime v1.3.1’s greatly increased import speed brings in your Serato DJ, NI Traktor and iTunes music collections faster than ever.
  • Musical Key Change and Key Sync feature for SC5000/M: DJs can now effortlessly apply a musical key change to their tracks, up and down in single semitone increments. Instant, one button press key matching is also added and audio quality remains pristine at all frequencies. Standalone, harmonic DJ mixing is here!
  • New Search Filter criteria menu: SC5000/M users can now search massive music collections with additional criteria, like ‘Comments’ and ‘Date Added.’ Song Lists can now also be sorted using these collection criteria additions.
  • Improved High-Frequency response and Speed Resolution to track playback: Crisp and dynamic high-end frequency playback is ensured for DJs. In addition, speed slider resolution is now adjustable in 0.01% BPM increments for ultimate, precise flexibility in the mix.
  • SoundSwitch StagelinQ Support: A new update to Denon DJs StagelinQ protocol enables full control over both simplistically automated or complex programmed lightshows as the SC5000/M and Prime 4 units are now functionally integrated with SoundSwitch vs1.9
  • V1.2 Update for X1800 Prime Mixer:
  • The X1800 mixer now has integrated OLED screen improvements for adjustable brightness and screensaver modes, plus
  • a new ‘limiter’ icon to show if active. Utility settings for microphone send, gate and frequency adjustments are also added
  • as well as ‘tap-tempo’ flexibility improvements.

Get the full release notes and the new firmware/software downloads here on Denon DJ’s official site.

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