Learning Synths: Ableton Will Teach You Synthesis In Your Browser

For many producers, synthesis is at the core of their creative process. Being able to program and create sounds a number of different hardware or software synths is a skill that pays massive dividends, but can often be a hard space to get started in.

As a follow on to Learning Music, a browser-based music production class that Ableton launched in 2017, Learning Synths aims to demystify the synthesis process. It’s a step-by-step introduction to subtractive synthesis, using a simple monophonic synthesizer.

The lessons go from basic synthesis principles and into oscillators, filters, envelopes, and envelopes. There’s even a full-fledged playground that just allows you to mess with the synthesizer at the end!

Learning Synths works with every modern browser that supports Web Audio, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – as well as mobile versions of each.

Jump right in and check out Learning Synths now. It’s fun, even if you already know everything about synthesis, you’ll probably have a good idea of someone who might want to learn for free, quickly.

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