Traktor Mod Adds Moving Waveforms to S4MK3s Screen Display

The Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 is great, but you know what would make it way better? Real moving waveforms, just like a CDJ! One intrepid modder, Joe Easton, has released a $5 mod that allows DJs to use moving waveforms, zoom level, and browser view (including key) on the S4MK3.

See a quick video of it in action in the tweet below:

The mod is by an intrepid developer named Joe Easton, who has been building a screen mod for the S4 MK3 since February 2019 – each version of which has added more features.

The main deck display with Joe’s mod enabled, including the overview waveform (bottom) and zoomed-in moving waveform (middle)

What Features Does It Add?

The current feature set includes:

  • phase meter display
  • moving waveforms with colors (like the old spectrum display)
  • BPM/Tempo/Key displays
  • Browser view mode
  • flashing end-of-track warnings on the jogwheel LEDs and screen
  • Editable jogwheel LED colors
  • Beats box (beats to cue, beat counter, etc)
The Browser mode with Joe’s mod enabled, on the S4 MK3

A Bit Of Griping:

When it comes down to it: all of these features should already be on the S4 MK3. This is a product with an active development team behind it, and that’s currently being pushed heavily by NI. Where’s the constant updates of this nature to win over power users?

Moreover, why not just hire someone who is passionate like Joe to build heavily-requested features like what Joe has done? It’s not that easy – except for the fact that his mods prove that it is that easy.

Does this all seem very familiar? Yes, someone did this in 2016 for the Kontrol S5, D2, and S8 – read our article here.

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