Super Simple + Fast Sound Design In Ableton Live

If you’re a music producer, sometimes you want to be able to crank out ideas quickly in your DAW. For beginner producers, aside from scrolling through and loading device presets, it can be intimidating to make your own instruments from scratch. In this video, producer Peaks of Valleys does some really great speedy sound design in Ableton Live.

We highly recommend checking out this video – and others from Peaks of Valleys. It’s highly practical, to the point, and removes a lot of the unnecessary explanatory framing that many tutorial videos on sound design are bogged down by.

A beginner focused sound design video that shows how to get to basic sounds with as few movements as possible. Nice for when you need to get an idea down quickly or if you need a certain type of sound on a synth you aren’t used to using. Sometimes you don’t have time to dive in to deep sound design, you just want something that will work fast!

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