DDJ-400 Gets Algoriddim djay Support + DDJ-400-S Silver Edition

We recently touted the DDJ-200 as a great buy for beginner DJs because of the access to streaming libraries (making it a low investment way to start DJing), but now the DDJ-400 is getting similar functionality. Algoriddim’s popular djay iOS app will now support the DDJ-400.

This is a simple compatibility update – essentially unlocking a DDJ-400 mapping inside of djay (for iOS) and djay Pro (for Mac/PC). The big underlying news here is that it’s yet-another controller that can use Spotify’s library (if you’ve got a Spotify Premium account).

This is only possible because djay has a special exclusive agreement with Spotify – they’re the only DJ application that is allowed to use the streaming giant’s massive library.

DDJ-400-S: The Silver Edition

It’s been a while since we saw a unique colorway from Pioneer DJ, but alongside the Algoriddim djay news, there’s a new silver DDJ-400-S. The layout and controls are exactly the same as the black original model, it’s just in a silvery gray color.

The DDJ-400-S is going to be in select countries in October (not including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East), and will cost $249. If you want to use it with an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate adapter – like a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter or a USB-C Chroma Cable (for the newest iPad Pros).

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