Virtual DJ 2020 Launches With New UI, Beatport Link, an Event Scheduler, and more

This past weekend, Atomix launched a brand new version of their DJ software, Virtual DJ 2020. The biggest change in the new update is visual: the team has completely redesigned the DJ software’s interface with a more modern look. Keep reading to learn more about the other big updates, including Beatport Link streaming music, an Event Scheduler, new harmonic mixing functionality, and more.

Virtual DJ 2020’s New Look

When we took an in-depth look at Virtual DJ 2018 about two years ago, and the conclusion was that the feature set was unmatched. The primary complaint continued to be an interface that turned off most users who were used to other softwares like Serato, Traktor, or Rekordbox.

That’s all changed in this new update. The interface for Virtual DJ 2020 looks far more refined than ever before. Here’s the new interface next to the old for comparison – you can see it’s simpler, flatter, and easier on the eyes.

Virtual DJ 2020 vs Virtual DJ 2018

There are a number of options to the new interface as well all in a simple dropdown menu – including a dark and daylight modes, beat counters, waveform adjustment, jog wheel text, and more. Here’s a different look – two deck, vertical waveform, and dark mode:

Virtual DJ 2020 vertical waveforms and dark mode

Beatport Link

As other DJ softwares have done, Virtual DJ 2020 has added Beatport Link streaming library compatibility. If you’ve got a Beatport Link account, you’re able to search, load, and play a majority of songs in Beatport’s extensive library. It’s pretty much the same experience as on other DJ softwares – including the offline track Pulselocker functionality.

Virtual DJ 2020's Beatport LINK integration
Yes, Beatport Link streaming is incredibly convenient. Want that new Claude VonStroke track in your set before you’ve even bought it? Done.

Event Scheduler

Virtual DJ 2020's event sheduler
Schedule out tracks, samples, and more during your DJ events.

Virtual DJ has long had the ability to make custom actions in their scripting language – but now they’re adding the ability to schedule those actions in an easier way. For event/mobile and radio DJs, this could be a big deal. If you want certain files, samples, playlists, and tracks to play at specific times, it’s all possible in the new scheduling tool.

It’s Out Now

The new version of VDJ 2020 has been officially released on their website, and while there are still some changes that haven’t been fully documented (like a new Advanced Harmonic Mixing feature), it’s certain to be exciting news for every DJ – even those who wouldn’t normally consider the software. For current VDJ users, it’s a free update – no extra cost.

Stay tuned for a review on DJTT in the coming weeks.

Have you tried out Virtual DJ 2020 yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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