Serato DJ Pro Advanced Control Added To Denon DJ’s Prime 4, SC5000Ms

What happens when two companies truly work together to build better experiences for DJs? Denon DJ and Serato seems to have done that with a new update for their entire Prime standalone line. The update adds Serato DJ Pro controller mode support to the Prime 4 and SC5000M.

Serato DJ Pro “Controller Mode” On Prime Gear

Essentially, they’ve added Serato Controller mode to the Prime 4 and SC5000M. This means:

  • full control over Serato Pro performance pads
  • library / browse / loading view with touchscreen navigation
  • waveform overviews (note, no scrolling waveforms on any of these units)
  • Dual deck selection
  • Serato FX control (mostly on the Prime 4 as it has FX units) – up to 3 instances of FX with parameter adjustment and display on those small OLED screens
  • The Prime 4 is Serato DVS-ready if you’ve got the Club Kit
  • The SC5000M gets super-high resolution scratch performance – Denon DJ writes “The SC5000M’s hi/lo torque brushless DC electric motor ensures lightning-fast response […] Serato DJ Pro is controlled with the platter 7” vinyl providing 3,600 MIDI resolution ticks per single rotation

Wasn’t This Already A Thing?

You might be thinking “didn’t Denon DJ already have controller mode on a Prime unit?” – and you’d be right. The original SC5000 Prime players do have this controller mode – where you have overview waveforms, complete performance pad/loop/beatjump/cue controls, and library browsing. This is specifically the SC5000Ms and Prime 4 units that we’re talking about.

A Shot At The DDJ-1000SRT

Denon DJ seems to believe firmly that this update makes the Prime 4 a very, very compelling alternative to Pioneer DJ’s new and well-selling DDJ-1000SRT. With all of the standalone features that the unit has, they’re not wrong in terms of added value – check out the comparison chart below:

The message seems to be “hey, Serato DJ users – spend a little bit more money ($1,699 instead of $1,299) and get a more well-rounded controller.

We’ve seen a number of Serato DJs disappointed with the lack of discreet Serato FX control on the DDJ-1000SRT, and this new update seems to have that well covered on Prime 4.

Both the SC5000M and the Prime 4 are available in the DJTT store – support us and make your gear purchases with a company run by real DJs instead of with a faceless massive corporate entity!

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