Phase to get rid of the need for audio cables in forthcoming update for Serato users

In an upcoming firmware update to the Phase wireless scratch system, DJs will no longer have to use audio cables to send signal into their DJ software. Instead, only a single USB data cabe is needed to send a control from the Phase receiver box into Serato DJ Pro.

Goodbye RCA Cables?

When you’re already getting rid of needles and tonearms, it’s pretty natural to start thinking of other things that are unnecessary. Why route audio into a mixer/soundcard and then into your computer, when the Phase receiver is already processing data?

There are a few great results of this update for Phase users:

  • less fiddling around the back of DJ mixers and in DJ booths to plug into
  • potentially fewer dropouts because HID doesn’t rely on a classic audio-based timecode signal
  • two fewer sets of RCA cables that a DJ has to remember to bring (although we’d always recommend a grabbing a backup pair)

MWM (the company behind Phase) confirmed that the update will be available to all Phase and Serato users, and will be released “sometime later in 2020” with more news coming in the next few months.

The key here will be reliability. Phase struggled with that after launch, so we suspect there will be a decent beta period with any new major update like this one.

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