TDJ ONE: a ridiculous tape-player mod of a CDJ

We’ve seen some amazing mods of CDJs in the past, but this one takes the cake: a pair of CDJs modified into tape players. This might not be the CDJ-3000, but in the absence of Pioneer DJ announcing any new gear besides a 6-channel mixer, we’ll have to keep ourselves entertained with this.


Based on comments and other info on the TDJ-One, here’s what we know about it.

First, it’s based on a frame of what appear to be CDJ-900s, with the guts rearranged to incorporate a basic tape player and the original CDJ’s controls modified to control some of the tape player’s functionality. Click through the gallery photos below to see some of the work done to create the units.

Pitch (play speed) is controlled by the silver knobs in the top right of the TDJ – allowing a simple way to speed up and slow down the tapes to get them beat matched.

Looking to get your own pair of TDJ Ones? They’re a one-of-a-kind mod and won’t be available on the market anytime soon, or ever. Suffice to say, there’s not a big demand for tape-based DJ gear.

The TDJ One was designed by Dimitri T Jay, an Italy-based DJ who has been DJing with tape regularly for a number of years. Here he is on a pair of Technics Tape Deck RS620s:

More Tape DJing: Mr. Tape in 1991

Tape DJing is a novelty, and that makes it hard to write about a cassette tape piece of DJ gear and not mention the classic DMC performance from 1991 of Latvian DJ Mr. Tape:

Keep reading: check out a NXS display added to a ten year old CDJ model.

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