Rekordbox 6: Now With Cloud Library Syncing

As we predicted earlier this year, a new Rekordbox version has been released. Rekordbox 6 has a new functionality, Cloud Library Sync, which allows the ability to upload tracks and playlists to Dropbox and sync them across multiple devices.

Cloud Library Sync:

Tracks, playlists, and track metadata are able to be synced across four different Rekordbox devices (phones and computers all included. While the music itself gets stored in Dropbox, the metadata for tracks and playlists is all stored on Pioneer DJ’s side of things. Here’s the basics of how Cloud Library Sync works:

Subscription Plans

Pioneer DJ has also added new subscription plans to the Rekordbox software, doing away with their old models entirely. Essentially:

  • the music management (export mode) version continues to be free
  • DJing functionality is unlocked with the “Core” plan ($9.99 a month, on launch special for $6.99)
  • the cross-device syncing and other advanced features are available on the “Creative” plan ($14.99 a month, on special for $9.99).

The full plan/price breakdown is available here on the official Rekordbox site.

Additionally, users with a “hardware unlock” Rekordbox device will make the usual features unlock – like XDJ-RX2/RR/XZ, and a number of the newer DJM mixers (250MK2/450/750 mk2).

One important note: older Rekordbox subscriptions do not seem to be getting upgraded to Rekordbox 6.0, but it does

A Ton More Features

We haven’t had a chance to dive more into the software yet, but there are a ton of new features that are worth checking out, including:

  • Added Inflyte support [for promos]
  • Added Ableton Link feature.
  • Added 3Band waveform.
  • Added Skin settings to select Dark/Light for the screen’s base color.
  • Added Auto Relocate feature to automatically find missing files.
  • Added filter to the Attribute Column (Collection and playlists only).
  • Added Ambient mode on the Lighting panel.
  • Added DMX Direct Control on the Lighting panel.

Read more about Rekordbox 6 here on the official site.

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