A new beta of Traktor Pro 3.4 has Smart Playlists (Smartlists), finally.

One of the longest-asked for Traktor Pro features has been Smart Playlists. Now in a new beta released on the Native Instruments forums, smart playlists are here, dubbed “Smartlists”. Keep reading for details.

In recent releases of Traktor Pro, we’ve seen attention finally start to be paid to Traktor’s library section in recent releases. Look no further than the April beta, which enabled multiple column sorting.

This new beta adds a Smartlist feature – a new type of playlist that you can add in the Traktor collection browser tree.

It behaves exactly like you might expect – add up to 8 conditions that a track has to match in order to be added automatically to your smart list, and it will autopopulate the smart playlist. Worth noting, tracks do seem to have to be added to your Traktor collection to appear in a Smartlist, so if you’re used to just using the iTunes integration, you’ll need to import those.

Here’s the official new features from the changelog:

  • Added: Smartlists
  • Added: Smartlist Filter by Content Type
  • Added: Smartlist Is around Operator for BPM filter
  • Added: Smartlist Greater/Less than Equal Operator
  • Added: Smartlist Starts/End with Operator

Want the beta?

Anyone with a working Traktor Pro 3 install on their computer can run this new public beta of Traktor Pro 3.4. All you have to do is download the installer from the NI forums, and yes, you can go back to the previous installation if something goes wrong.

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