Streaming music services are inside DJ gear: here’s how to move your Spotify + Apple Music playlists to Beatport LINK or TIDAL

In case you missed it: Denon’s DJ gear software, Engine OS, released a massive new capability: streaming SoundCloud Go+ and Beatport LINK directly on any standalone Prime device. This comes as an update to the already-available TIDAL streaming capability, rounding out a robust offering for DJs to access millions of tracks available on the internet.

But what if you aren’t using Beatport, SoundCloud, or TIDAL for your entire library? Not only are there many other streaming platforms available, but also the two biggest streaming music services are not part of these integrations. If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music user, don’t worry: there are a handful of services out there that can transfer your music to one of the three aforementioned, usable-with-Engine platforms.

Even if you’re not interested in consolidating your library to use the Engine OS streaming capability right now, it’s worth knowing how you can gather all of your tunes on Beatport or TIDAL regardless. Today, we’ve testing out a few of the tools that claim to do this.

Tune My Music: Beatport Transferring from Spotify, Apple Music & more

Tune My Music is something of an all-purpose service that claims to basically allow you to move your music from any of the major streaming platforms to another. With this test case, we’re going to try out Spotify transferring to Beatport, since Beatport LINK will let us stream on Denon DJ gear, in Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ, and in Algoriddim’s djay apps.

After choosing the service you’d like to move music from – in this case, Spotify – you have the option to copy and paste a URL to one of your Spotify playlists, or add it directly. It’s also nice that you can choose to copy the entire playlist, or just a few tracks from it. Here, we’re testing out two tracks from this Four Tet Spotify playlist.

From there, you pick one of many options for your destination. For the sake of choosing a platform we can stream with Engine OS, we’ll go with Beatport.

Once that’s done – you’ll just need to authenticate with your login on whatever service you choose – just hit “share” and start the import. Depending on the size of your playlist, this may take awhile.

One note here: you need to have Beatport LINK subscription set up already before you can begin this transfer. We tried to connect to Beatport without it, and it failed – with no explanation as to why, besides saying that the service “failed to create playlist”.

Once you’re logged into Spotify, linked your Beatport account (with LINK enabled), and chose them as your starting and ending points respectively, you can quickly transfer over your tracks. We successfully moved over the two Four Tet tracks to our Beatport library.

Once this is done, hit the “Open” button on the far right side of this transfer window – it’ll take you directly to your Beatport library, and the tracks will be there for your usage.

All in all, it’s a quick and easy way to move your favorite tracks from Spotify or Apple Music over to the Beatport platform so that you can stream via Engine OS on any Denon gear. Worth trying out for yourself.

Soundiiz: Moving Playlists from Spotify to TIDAL and Beatport

TIDAL Transferring

Soundiiz claims to offer playlist transferring capabilities between Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Google Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, and more. In this particular scenario, we’re testing out the connection from Spotify to TIDAL, since TIDAL can be streamed directly on EngineOS.

For what it’s worth, you can use the basic service of playlist transferring between platforms for free – but if you want to transfer albums, artists, or tracks individually, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account.

The initial setup and transfer process was relatively simple – connect your streaming accounts, hit “transfer”, and move through a few brief steps that let you choose the platforms you want to move from and to.

Choosing your “source” platform, above, means picking the service where your playlist currently lives. You’ll then be prompted with a window that shows all your playlists on that platform, and you can grab the music of your choice from there. In this case, we’re testing out a two-track test playlist from Spotify.

There’s a bit of customization available here too, which is great for larger playlists – you can change the order of tracks and unselect any tunes you don’t want to move this time around.

Once you hit confirm, it’ll take a few seconds (or minutes, depending on the size of your playlist) to transfer over – and that’s about it.

So we headed over to TIDAL’s native website to see the final result – and the conversion worked with no issues. It showed up immediately, and both tracks that we transferred played with no issue.

All in all, a seamless experience with playlist movement – at no cost to the user, either. Soundiiz is worth checking out if you’re looking to stream music from TIDAL’s database. (just remember that you’ll need a TIDAL membership to use it at all).

Beatport Link Transferring

The process remains the same here as it did with TIDAL – just connect your Beatport and Spotify accounts, and move through the same steps as described above. The only catch is that you’ll need to already have a Beatport LINK account set up, obviously, before you can transfer music over. A subscription for LINK only costs $4.99/mo at the cheapest level.

SongShift: Moving Apple Music and Spotify to TIDAL

Next up is Songshift, an iOS app that lets you move music between services. It’s slightly limited – it doesn’t include Beatport, and since it’s iOS-restricted you’ll need to have an Apple device and do all of this on mobile. However, it does allow connections between Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Discogs, and more (check the full list of usable services here). Perhaps with one of their next updates, they’ll add Beatport.

We tested the Spotify to TIDAL connection again, with the same 2-track test playlist. On our first attempt, the 2 tracks in the playlist were “failed” to match, with an error that says it was “ignored during processing.” From there, I could either remove the track from the playlist or delete the configuration entirely.

It’s a bit confusing because there’s no mention of needing to do anything in order to get your tracks matched, but I eventually found a way to manually set up the system so that the platform automatically scans the TIDAL library to match the tracks. The catch? You have to pay for it with an upgrade to one of their subscriptions.

From there, you’re able to properly connect the tracks – but know that it comes at a cost. It’s probably worth it if you’re an avid TIDAL user and you’re planning to use TIDAL’s streaming service on Engine OS.

Ultimately, there are a handful of services that are worth considering depending on which streaming platform you’re looking to use on your DJ gear or software. Remember that you’ll need Engine OS’s newest version, v1.5, to stream Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, and TIDAL. Depending on where the bulk of your music lies, there’s definitely a platform here that can work for you – and then you can enjoy the ability to stream directly on your decks.

Are there other tools you’ve used that offer similar services? Have you tried any of the tools we discuss here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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