Is this the DJM-S9 MK2? Pioneer DJ teases a sequel to their battle mixer

Pioneer DJ has just teased their new battle mixer on Instagram and Facebook – is it the DJM-S9 MK2? Or the DJM-S11?

Here’s what we know so far: Pioneer DJ has released another teaser image of a DJ mixer. You can clearly see two line faders, a black VU meter section between them, two sets of 8 pads – this is clearly Pioneer DJ’s new battle mixer. Considering that the DJM-S9 came out in October 2015 and there hasn’t been an upgrade since then, it’s about time for the DJM-S9 MK2, right?

The text above the mixer image makes it clear when we’ll know more – October 15th.

For those of you who might be suggesting that we play with the image and try to deduce more with brightness and contrast work, yes, we’ve tried it. Not much more to see, honestly. There’s clearly an FX paddle, which just confirms the mixer’s type.

Pioneer DJ’s new battle mixer after a bit of levels adjustment…

Blurred Images as Marketing Hype

This is the same hype tactic that we’ve seen over and over again – “here’s an image of a new DJ product but we’ve blurred it out now everyone get excited!” We’re not huge fans – but I think Mark at DJ Worx explained best why it’s such a frustrating marketing style.

Update: A leaked first image of a DJM-S11 or just a Photoshop?

Immediately after publishing this article, we got another tip. Here’s an image that is circulating around the web purportedly of the new “DJM-S11”. The design looks right, but also the photo looks like it was taken on a potato.

If this is the new scratch mixer design from Pioneer DJ, the exciting thing to notes is obviously the screen, which looks very similar to Rane’s higher end Seventy / Seventy Two battle mixer designs. Thus continues the cycle of these two companies constantly getting their innovative design ideas from each other?

The other two features to note: pad modes above the pads (which mirror the Rekordbox controller designs like the DDJ-1000), and the refreshed filter / EQ layout, which now mirrors a more traditional layout than the S9 did.

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