Licensed DJ edits come to Beatsource LINK

One of the best parts of being a member of a DJ record pool is access to amazing tools that make life as a DJ easier. DJ edits have long been a staple way for a pool to provide value to their customers. Sometimes a pool will add intros, outros, acapellas, instrumentals, censored versions, upbeat remixes, tempo transition tracks, and so on.

This week, Beatsource have announced that they’re adding thousands of DJ edit versions of tracks to Beatsource LINK, the streaming music service designed for open-format DJs.

What’s critical about this announcement is that it’s not just like they’ve added the tracks out of nowhere – the edits are officially licensed via a partnership with Create Music Group and EMPIRE. Licensing one of the huge hurdles that often exists with edits and remixes; the best ones are often in a legal gray area of bootlegs. The licensed DJ edits also give that information back to artists – so as Beatsource’s President Brian Wong puts it:

“[…]artists will gain unprecedented insight into how DJs are playing their music … We can now track things like how many plays a song is getting in the clubs, who played it, and performed to what size audience”

This first batch of edits is limited to the partners mentioned – “tracks included in the first wave of edits include hits by Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Rich The Kid, Anderson Paak, Tory Lanez, the Insomniac Records catalog, and more.” The next hurdle is major labels – with Beatsource setting a goal of getting licensed DJ edits of all top tracks in place by April.

Part of a complete streaming package

For streaming services as DJ libraries to really catch on and take a solid hold on the industry, it’s this type of value-added content that is required.

Many DJs have, and will continue to hold a significant mistrust of streaming tracks for important gigs. But to be able to quickly call up a DJ intro edit of a request you just got at a wedding gig with in just 10 seconds? That’s the type of thing that will permanently ingratiate mobile DJs with their clients.

We could easily see features be added to streaming services like Beatsource LINK that really reflect smarter track selection as well – like “you’ve played these five songs, stream this track next, many other DJs have….” – similar to the functionality that Kado was able to provide.

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