Denon DJ’s SC6000, SC6000M PRIME get Serato DJ integration, full RGB waveforms

The capabilities of Denon DJ’s SC6000 and SC6000M Prime hardware continue to grow. As of this week, both players are now integrated with Serato DJ Pro.

Jay Cunningham, Denon DJ’s Brand Marketing Manager, explains:

“Our forward-thinking Media Players, powered by Engine OS, have always been at the forefront of innovation for some time now. “Adding the ability to control Serato DJ Pro direct from the players, is a great addition to the functionality and feature set available to DJs around the globe to continue to embrace the future.”

New features

With this integration comes a swath of new abilities for users. Beyond the ability to utilize Serato DJ Pro on the players’ 10.1″ HD touchscreen, other features worth noting include:

  • Full RBG moving waveforms
  • Access to Serato DJ Pro’s Hot Cues, Loops, Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Beat Jump, Pitch Play (worth noting that you’ll need a Pitch ‘N Time DJ license for that last one)
  • Ability to select and control any of the 4 decks available in Serato DJ Pro on the gear directly
  • Library sorting ability by track, artist, key, time, or BPM
  • Need-drop track search
  • Track detail access, including Time, Loop, Beat Jump, Sync, BPM, Pitch Range, and Pitch % Adjust

Trying it out: software updates

You’ll need the newest version of Serato, v 2.4.6, as well as Engine OS 1.6 installed on the hardware.

You can grab those updates for Serato here and Engine here. Let us know what you think of this integration – does it work well? Any other features you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments.

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