Beatsource + Mixcloud team up so you can record & share DJ sets online sans takedowns

It’s a well-known fact in the music industry that Mixcloud offers its own streaming platform, Mixcloud Live (first announced back in April 2020), that allows artists to legally livestream music and video without dealing with copyright take-downs. Just this week, Beatsource LINK announced a new partnership in conjunction with Mixcloud to utilize this capability – offering their subscribers a direct way to record livestreamed DJ sets and later publish them on Mixcloud.

How it works

As an MP user, you can use Mixcloud Live to route the audio during your set from Serato DJ into Mixcloud directly. After finishing your livestream, the file will be saved as a draft to your Mixcloud profile. From there, you can add artwork, a description, and publish it to your Mixcloud profile.

You’ll need to have Mixcloud Pro, Beatsource LINK, Serato DJ (either Pro 2.5.1 or Lite 1.5.1 – or any later versions of either), and Google Chrome to take full advantage of this feature. You don’t necessarily need streaming software to use this, either – you can use Mixcloud Live studio instead (psst: more info on how to use ML here).

For more details, check out this how-to video from the Beatsource team.

According to Beatsource, there currently are no limits for how long your stream can be. However, there are two caveats that they note:

  • Stream saving has a limit of 6 hours, so anything over that length will not be completely saved
  • They’ve seen that streams lasting longer than the usual Mixcloud show tend not to have as many viewers overall.

You can sign up for Beatsource LINK at $9.99/month for LINK or $29.99/mo for LINK Pro+. Both are offering 30-day free trials. Serato DJ is downloadable here, and

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