Engine DJ 2.0 arrives with wireless Ableton LINK, onboard lighting control, new UI + more

Engine DJ has released an update to their flagship software today, Engine DJ 2.0 – available for both desktop and OS. The new system brings a swath of new features that aim to streamline the user experience and strengthen any artist’s toolkit: a new interface with faster processing, a wireless Ableton Link capability, onboard lighting control, and more.

Let’s take a look.

Major feature additions

Wireless Ableton LINK compatibility

Engine DJ 2.0 offers the ability to use Ableton Link on any OS-compatible device, either with a wired connection or via WiFi. This is a big move – Link enables you to play instruments in time over a local network, and previously was only usable if you’re wired in. This update now makes these devices the first-ever standalone DJ hardware that can use LINK to communicate wirelessly, opening the door to run numerous devices and jam out without needing to deal with cables.

The Engine DJ team sat down with Sebastian Leger to hear how he’s using this feature in his performance workflow – check it out:

New interface + database

The software has been revamped as a part of the 2.0 upgrade, shifting the interface and user experience with the intention of creating a quicker and more intuitive workflow. The Engine DJ team actually rebuilt the software from the ground up with completely new database code in an effort to provide improvements including a faster file analysis, quicker search function, more reliable stability, and smaller database sizes.

Onboard lighting control

Engine DJ has supported a SoundSwitch integration within their OS since 2019, allowing DJs the opportunity to link up lighting via Philips Hue and DMX in sync with their set. In Engine DJ 2.0, you can now control lighting directly on your DJ hardware – no laptop needed. If you’re a mobile DJ using DMX, you can use the onboard lighting control (there’s a great tutorial on how to set up and use the feature here); if you’re DJing at home, you can link it to your Philips Hue system directly. Need help

The full list: here’s what’s new on OS and Desktop

The all-encompassing list of updates is as follows.

For OS 2.0:

  • Ableton Link Compatibility (WiFi + wired option)
  • Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch for onboard lighting control
  • New playlists, database, and Control Center menu
  • Playlist Deck with Crossfade (exclusive to the PRIME 2, 4, and GO)
  • An onboard clock
  • A Track List Size Button that allows you to expand the tracks shown in your playlists

For desktop:

  • New database and an updated user interface
  • SoundSwitch Data Export
  • Drag and Drop folder importing
  • Apple M1 Compatibility
  • Upgrades to the play history, Third-Party Library and Rekordbox Import features

Also worth noting: OS, Desktop, and PRIME Series mixers will need to be updated in order to be compatible with the software.

Engine DJ 2.0 is available as a free download for Denon’s SC5000/M and SC6000/M, as well as the Denon Prime 2, 4, and Go. Grab it here.

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