Our 2021 Black Friday / Cyber Monday DJ gear sale is live (including 99¢ Chroma Caps)

Welcome to Black Friday / Cyber Monday week, the time of the year where almost every merchant in the world sends you a hundred emails. As a small business, the reality of Black Friday is that it controlled chaos, but we’re excited to provide DJs and producers around the world with decent prices on gear we stand behind. Jump right into it now with the button below or keep reading for more details.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the shipping and supply chain issues in every industry. We’re not immune, BUT if you come talk to our team, we’ll do our best to help you land the gear you want. Many products also are “not allowed” to be discounted publicly, so it’s a good idea just to talk with us no matter what.

It’s a first come first serve situation in terms of our stock – many things will run out of stock during this sale – thanks in advance for being understanding with our team!

99¢ Chroma Caps

We’re excited to announce what is the biggest discount we’ve ever offered on our Chroma Caps, which are used in nearly 70,000 DJ setups around the world (wow!). Every Cap (with the exception of our new Luma Glow caps) is priced at 99¢. This won’t last long, so snap up a full set or two right now before time runs out on this. One special note here – all of our Chroma Cap sales are going towards a new special project in the Chroma line, coming early 2022. Cool stuff coming!

$40 off Midi Fighter Twisters

One of the most versatile and flexible MIDI controllers on the market (we’ve seen it used for DJing, production, live performance, color grading, lighting, visuals, and more) – and we’re knocking the price down by $40. We have both black and white units in stock, and these regularly sell out over the holidays, so if you’re already considering it, now’s the moment.

Chroma Cables Audio half off

We want to really help hook up your audio gear for super cheap, so we’ve dropped our pricing on audio Chroma Cables down to just $10. We’ve been running this sale all month (sign up for our newsletter here if you want to not miss sales like these) so some variants are already low or out of stock. Get yours before they’re gone!

USB Chroma Cables: 33% off

Yep, Chroma Cables (USB-C and USB-A) are also on sale. We’ve got a lot of stock of these, but still, this is the best price of the year so it’s probably a great idea to lock one or more of these down while the sale is on. Even better, if you’re a DJ stranded with a USB-C only laptop, one of those USB-C to B cables is gonna be what you’ll want.

Phase $100 off

Who needs turntable cartridges, timecode, and tonearms anymore? The Phase wireless DVS control system is on $100 off in our store, so pick it up now if you’re thinking it’s time to get rid of your turntable’s more-disposable components.

Soundboks $150 off

Hello, have you heard the good news? No, it’s not about a religion, but rather about (what I think) is one of the best wireless speakers on the market. Especially if you’re planning on throwing an off-grid renegade anytime in the future, throw this puppy on a backpack and get hiking. $150 off while our stock lasts.

(Almost) everything on sale, come talk to us

Before you go – I’ll mention once more that our team has put almost everything we have in stock on discount. So if you’ve got a piece of gear you want, come browse the store and see what’s up. Cases, bags, DJ controllers, mixers, players, headphones – if we’ve got it, now’s the best time of the year to buy it.

The sale ends on Monday, November 30th at midnight, but don’t wait. The good stuff will disappear.

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