SoundSwitch’s Control One: a lighting controller + DMX interface built for DJs

If you’re a DJ interested in controlling the lighting for your performances too, this may peak your interest. SoundSwitch has released a new controller, the Control One, that gives artists the ability to manage light fixture color, movement, intensity, automated light shows, FX, and more. It’s compatible with a number of popular software platforms, DAWs, and even some hardware, with the intention of offering a smooth way to connect the dots between your musical performance and your light show.

Features worth noting

  • DMX + Philips Hue controls: The hardware offers flexibility in terms of how you’d like to control your lighting – it’s a dual-universe DMX interface and can also work with Philips Hue lights. It comes with 4 DXM connections for 2 DMX Universes, and a DMX Input so you can merge with install lighting systems.
  • 1:1 Hardware Control for SoundSwitch: The Control One gives you tactile control over all the performance features in Soundswitch software – from color and position overrides to Static Looks, Stoke, and automated light shows.
  • Automated presets and customization features: There’s a swath of pre-set automated light shows, as well as customizable RGB performance pads, parameter knobs, and a touch strip for creating and tweaking the show to your liking.
  • Saving abilities: The Control One gives you onboard memory to store light patches and settings.
  • Dual USB: Included to makey our DJ transitions smoothly in sync with your lighting ones.
  • Software compatibility: Compatible with Engine DJ, Serato DJ, and Virtual DJ software. You can also use Ableton Link to add lighting effects or automate synchronized light shows.
  • Hardware compatibility: Plug-and-play compatible with any Engine DJ hardware running Engine DJ v2.0 or higher.

You will need a SoundSwitch subscription to take full advantage of this hardware. The Control One comes with three months of access for new users; beyond that, you can sign up for $7.99/month or $79.99 annually.

The Control One is priced at $299 USD and is out today. We’ll be diving into our own review of the unit, so watch out for a more detailed take on our experience with it coming soon.

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