New CDJ-3000 firmware update: play tracks directly from your cloud library

The latest firmware update was released today for Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000s – version 2.0 – with a new rekordbox feature introduced that allows artists to play music directly from their location saved in the cloud. The ability, titled rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, connects the dots between music in your library and music on your CDJs without the need to export tunes to a USB.

The feature is accessible with rekordbox’s Creative and Professional plans, which run at $14.99/month and $29.99/month respectively. With either subscription, you can access your full cloud-based library saved on Dropbox through on a CDJ-3000 and play the track live. Track metadata carries over, too – and any meta data edits you make on the hardware will be saved and uploaded to the cloud so it’s accurate in every place you access your rekordbox program.

The CDJ-3000 does need to be connected to the internet via the PRO DJ Link terminal in order to utilize CloudDirectPlay, so keep that in mind with the setup you’re using as you work to access it.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:

It’s a logical next step for Pioneer DJ given the amount of cloud connectivity work they’ve done across their software and hardware as of late. The rekordbox subscriptions continue to grow their list of features and integrations into Pioneer DJ hardware, so it’ll be interesting to see where they decide to head next.

What do you think of CloudDirectPlay? Worth paying for the subscription, or not so much? If you have 3000s at home, try it out and let us know your experience. (Don’t own a pair, but want ’em? We stock them in the DJTT shop for $2,399).

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