Guess who’s back? Ecler to return with a new mixer in 2022

Ecler, a Spanish pro audio company with a long history of making DJ mixers, has been out of the DJ products game for the last decade. But today a new video cropped up – a highlight reel of their historical reputation, if you will – that announces their big news: Ecler’s DJ division will return in February 2022 with a new DJ mixer.

Alright, if you asked me for a “what DJ company will re-emerge with a new release after many years away”, my first guess would not have been Ecler. The Ecler brand was well-renowned for their unique designs, quality components, and efficient but sometimes out-there mixer layouts. I know many DJs whose Ecler mixers are coveted collector’s items – and no, I’m not just talking about DJTT guest writer and serial gear hoarder Omar Nachtraaf.

What type of DJ mixer will we see? There’s obviously a bit of a trend in recent years for rotary mixers in the boutique end of the market that a company like Ecler could immediately pounce on and crush. They also could go the high-end route and create a Model 1 competitor. But my guess is it’ll be something different than what we expect – as the company has done in the past.

We’ll find out soon enough. February is a weird timing (DJ gear typically is teased in January, but with NAMM 2022 moved to June, everything is up in the air), and we’re ready for it. Let’s see some innovation!

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